2009 Bowman Chrome Football Has Become A Freak Show

Topps? Seriously? You are messing with the one product that isnt broken?

The preview spread sheet has been posted, and I am shocked that Topps took Bowman Chrome in this horrible direction. As you can see, they have added relic autos and relic refractor autos to the set, and they are so poorly conceived that they make Prestige Chrome look well put together. Why do we need a relic if it is going to cover up the fucking subject of the card? It not that fucking important! A Chrome auto /10 would be worth a bunch regardless, why destroy the one card that could sell the product? I know that Upper Deck has mentioned to me on a number of occasions that Topps is developing a product to compete directly with SPA, and I hope that Topps didnt choose Chrome as the way to do it.

Oh, but wait! THERE’S MORE!

Now we are having a repeat of the signed letters from Bowman Draft Picks? Why? We get that UD broke new ground with the signed manu-letters in SPA a few years ago, but I dont think they intended Topps to take the idea and repeatedly beat it into a fine mush. Every goddamn Topps product has letters – signed and unsigned. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

Bowman Chrome was great BECAUSE of its simplicity, not despite it. Topps has bastardized a standard in low-end with needless upgrades that sway from the original ideas. Here is the letter all of us should write to the leadership:

Dear Topps,

Fuck you. You ruined Bowman Chrome.

That is all.


What is happening with this shit? Jesus.

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