2009 SPX Football Is Live!

2009 SPX is live, and they have already eclipsed last year’s horribly conceived neon foil cards in my opinion. Of course, they are still produced on gold foil this year, and im not quite sure how I feel about the final product quite yet. These cards notoriously scan very badly, so I may have to wait to see a few more examples in person.
All I have to say is that the Rookie Materials autos (like the Maclin below) look amazing. I commented that these would be the best back when the previews were released, and so far it looks like I was right. I dont really consider myself an SPX fan usually because of the cost and the design, though the cards do look better than they normally do. Lastly, I would have liked on card sigs for this product, but I know that isnt possible with a pro-uni product this early.

EDIT: Cards like this just look awful, and there may be a lot of them in the set from what are popping on Ebay. I have no idea why anyone would produced a card like this, let alone buy it. Not a good start.

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