2010 Topps 1/1s Sell High Despite Technology

Everyone chases the superfractor. Its like the holy grail of low end cards, even though most superfractors look ridiculous with the pattern of the xfractor. 2010 Topps has no superfractors, but they have platinum 1/1 parallels of the base cards, and suprisingly, they have been selling like superfractors. Some of the big names have already been pulled and a few of them have already sold for HUGE prices.

Brett Favre would definitely be one of the 1/1s I would like to pull, but I would never have expected him to sell for this price. The final price landed at more than 95% of his autos, and even some of his more rare cards that have patches AND an auto. Pretty amazing to see that a card with almost no technology on it could sell for this much. Panini should take notice with the millions of parallels they put in every set.

Sam Bradford was recently posted, and though the price is low at the moment, it wont stay there. I would expect this card to end a lot higher than the Favre, mainly because this is Bradford’s first Topps rookie in his pro-jersey.

Hell, even Calvin Johnson sold at a pretty good number for his 1/1 and he is not a player that would carry that kind of price tag on cards like this, ever.  It just goes to show you that Topps knows how to do 1/1s in the right way, and I can only hope that one day they figure out how to do high end cards in a way that even somewhat resembles what they do for low end.

Here are a few others that are selling/sold for interesting prices:

Joe Flacco – ends 9/7

Marcus Easley RC 1/1 (Bills)

Jerod Mayo

David Hawthorne

Darrius Heyward-Bey

Baltimore Ravens Team Card

One thought on “2010 Topps 1/1s Sell High Despite Technology

  1. Man, I have been out of the loop the past couple of years with football refractor prices. That is amazing what some of these are fetching…even Calvin Johnson!

    Thanks for posting this!

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