2011 NFL Playoffs – Packers Loss Detrimental to Rodgers’ Long Term Value?

The Packers had a pretty nice run during this past season, only to see it come abruptly to an end versus New York yesterday. Even though they only lost one game during the regular season, their overall performance will never be etched in history the way it probably should be, and the question becomes more about whether they were ever as good as they were made out to be.

The one person who has benefitted most from the run is Aaron Rodgers, whose cards have spiked to astronomical prices over the course of the season. The price bump was based mostly on speculation at the Packers making ANOTHER run to the Super Bowl, with Green Bay being favored over just about everyone. Collecting is based almost completely on speculation and team affiliation, and luckily for Rodgers’ card hoarders, he had both. Although rarity of the autographs also played a factor in some cases, Rodgers having a shot at a second title amongst his enormous production drove things more. Now that the second title has evaporated for now, I have to believe his cards are going to come down in the next few days, even more as the offseason drags on. They will bounce back if the Packers start up where they left off, but for now, they have to take a hit.

Check out some of the recent auctions from after the game – prices have already started to decrease:

2005 Aaron Rodgers Contenders Rookie Ticket Auto BGS 9

2005 Aaron Rodgers Finest RC Auto /199

2005 Aaron Rodgers Topps Pristine Rookie Auto

Rodgers has a ridiculously bright future, no doubt, and that isnt going to change just because he lost this game to a strong team. Its not like he performed like Tebow did on Saturday, but it was enough to show he is actually human. Collectors who dump their cards at this point should take lessons from previous players in this situation, and realize that patience is a virtue. For someone like me, looking to pick up one of his rookie autos, I hope there are not many people who will heed this advice. The hobby around the NFL is a “what have you done for me lately” league, and its not only frustrating, but bad for the people who like to hold on for the long run. Instant gratification is the name of the game, and I will no doubt be taking advantage if things go anywhere close to where they were at the start of this year.

Hey, at least he didnt tear everything in his knee, right?

One thought on “2011 NFL Playoffs – Packers Loss Detrimental to Rodgers’ Long Term Value?

  1. I can’t wait to pick up a ton of Rodgers auto’s at discounted prices, then sell them in September. People have short memories.

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