2011 Score is Great At Bringing Back 1990s Greatness

2011 Score hit eBay over the last few days, and for the most part it looks to be a retro designed set that hearkens back to the late 80s and 90s. This was the last time this brand really carried any measurable weight in the hobby, and I think it was a great move by Panini to make the cards look the way they do.

When you do a low end set, it is very tough to make it appealing to everyone, unless you are Topps and everyone and their mother collects the set. Basically, you have to make the product so utterly cheap that collectors can justify buying the product and not getting any hits.  When you also add in a concept or theme that many collectors identify with from their youth, it adds something you cant sell Рnostalgia.

Panini still had their measure of complete lazy approaches as usual, especially in the lack of serial numbers on anything, and the photos they used for non-premiere rookies, but overall it looks really nice. Much, much, MUUUUUUCH better than the splatterpaint disasters of previous years.

So far, we have also seen base variations as a part of this product, something I have said many times is a great addition to any low end set. They arent selling for as much as the Topps variations will, but if you pull one, the cost of the box is low enough that a good part of your investment will be paid back.

Despite the fact that I hate combine photos and the laziness that Panini constantly displays, this set is one of the best they have done all year. That doesnt say much for them, but it does say a lot for this product.

Here are some of the interesting pulls out of this product:

Cam Newton Score RC Auto SP

Andy Dalton Score RC Auto SP

Cam Newton Score RC SP Variation

3 thoughts on “2011 Score is Great At Bringing Back 1990s Greatness

  1. The cards look decent and IMO better than much of what has come out this year so far. I think they would have looked better if the Score logo was inside the frame instead of hanging out on its own at the top. Someone on one of the forums summed it up well by saying it looks like a picture of a card on a card.

  2. I took a flier on three boxes. Worst case, I can make a few team sets. Best case, I get an auto.

    I actually think that this is the best design Panini has had this year, but I’m still waiting for Topps Inception and flagship.

  3. This year’s Score football cards look like a winner! I, fortuately, happen to like the Score football cards from recent years. In fact, I think the Score football cards look alot better than the other crap Panini has put out since they got a license to make cards. I also think Panini should go back to just making stickers and sticker albums; not cards. I remember having sticker albums for Alf, Ducktales, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I wish I still had those sticker albums with the stickers still inside! I used to love those things!

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