2012 Absolute – Something Isnt Right Here With Logo Shields

With the switch over to Nike jerseys for the first time in years, its obvious there would be some growing pains in the card world. Reebok has held the exclusive license for producing game jerseys in the NFL, and because the shields are such a big chase item in the hobby, its not surprising that things have been build around the existing look of the patches.

For the first time so far this year, we are getting jersey logos in products from the new Nike Jersey. Card companies have responded that the new Nike jerseys were in short supply at the rookie premiere, which has led to a need for adjustment in plans. Panini used helmet logos, or closely cropped shields, and Topps has used the old Reebok logos already in products this year, and now that I see the way the logos look in Absolute, I have major questions.

Here are the examples:

2012 Absolute Russell Wilson Logo Patch Auto 1/1

2012 Absolute Nick Foles Logo Patch Auto 1/1

First, where are the Flywire collars, or for that matter, the collar in general? The patches are shield on jersey, not shield on collar material, which is extremely odd considering the way it is presented. Because of the way the logos are positioned on game items, as well as on the replica jerseys, they would never turn out the way they look in the cards posted above. There should be a collar somewhere. So, my question remains, what the hell is going on?

I have two theories, both of which are pretty dumb if they end up being the decision made by Panini. The logos are either A) not from a jersey, and from a hat made of jersey material, or B) are manufactured and not actually event worn. I think option B is more plausible, but I sincerely hope that we eventually reach a point where we can start to see logos with the Flywire collar built around them. I think that would be pretty cool. For now, we are being forced to endure not only incredibly ugly cards, but logos that don’t seem to fit. That needs to change.

4 thoughts on “2012 Absolute – Something Isnt Right Here With Logo Shields

  1. C) The logos were removed from jerseys and attached to jersey material. Looking at the Russell Wilson card you can see a small blue thread. Perhaps that was leftover from the original jersey?

    In any case, I don’t see a huge difference between what happens at the Rookie Premiere (dozens of jerseys getting close to a player) and Panini just ordering logos to put in cards. Both are not close to game used. I don’t know if Panini is being dishonest here, but what is honesty when it comes to rookie materials?

  2. They were worn, but panini had the players wear jersey that had about 25 or so logos sewn on it. We werent able to take pix this year because of the leaked pic of mark ingram wearing 25 jeremy shockey jerseys at one time last year.

  3. No matter what shady/misleading business is really going on, I would note that these plastic logos look like crap in a card when compared to the old reebok stitched logos. Am I in my own boat on that?

  4. My opinion is as long as it says “Event-Worn” these companies will put whatever they want on the cards….Now if these were being claimed as “Game-Used” there would be a problem.

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