2012 Andrew Luck Chrome Auto and Non-Auto Superfractor Hit the Auction Block

Big cards auctioned off to the highest bidder is a rare thing these days. When it is arguably the biggest card of the last 5-10 years being auctioned off to the highest bidder, the attention of the entire hobby turns to watch the outcome.

Here it is, an auction for both the 1/1 Superfractor Auto Andrew Luck and the 1/1 Superfractor non-auto:

2012 Topps Chrome Andrew Luck Auto Superfractor 1/1 Lot

Although I think it is a huge mistake to auction both off together, in the age of repack products, one or more of the companies may throw their hat in the ring trying to get a shot. I can easily see Brian Gray from Leaf or even some of the other similar companies try to get their hands on these cards for the main reason that it can easily support a release all on their own. The autographed superfractor sold for over 10K last time it was offered, making it the most valuable card of the year.

Luck’s cards are on fire as of late, this only adds fuel to that blaze:

2012 Contenders Andrew Luck Auto Ticket RC PSA 10

2012 Topps Andrew Luck Rookie Premiere Auto /90

2012 National Treasures Andrew Luck 2 color Patch Auto PSA 10

2013 Topps Finest Andrew Luck Gold Refractor Auto

Now that Luck has shown that he isnt on schedule for a sophomore slump in the slightest, I would guess the card will go for more than it did originally. Combine it with the non-auto version, and it can easily reach 15-17K – unless drama seeking collectors bid it up without intentions of paying.

We saw that the sale of a much less desirable card in the 2012 Contenders Luck Championship ticket was sabotaged not once, but twice, and I dont think this auction will be immune to that attention at all. Bottom line, thanks to eBay’s policy on non-paying bidders, its very difficult to sell a card like this without a buy it now/best offer scenario. To sell both the cards together will be even more difficult.

I think this Luck is the holy grail of Football Topps Chrome Superfractors – and it should not be taken lightly that multiple people will be willing to drop the price of a Honda Accord on it. Hell, its not even the only one being sold at the moment! However, the seller should have been smarter in the way it is done, especially considering that the Colts could be on track for another playoff run similar to last year. Why not wait?

Its not a secret that Luck has emerged as one of the best signal callers in the league, and to have his best rookie is a dream that many collectors would kill for. However, without proper safeguards in place, I dont know if I would take this route to sell the card. Too many things that can go horribly wrong.

One thought on “2012 Andrew Luck Chrome Auto and Non-Auto Superfractor Hit the Auction Block

  1. I agree that this probably would have been better as two auctions.

    However, I have absolutely NO PROBLEM with the timing of the sale. I’m really rooting for Luck but if I owned this card I’d look to sell right now too. The league is just getting too unpredictable with every play bringing the potential to end a career. I might be tempted to roll the dice until the playoffs but that still introduces a lot of potential pitfalls–injury, a slump, and the fact that once they lose I’m back to square one. Nope, I think selling right now when the hype is building is a good idea. People who try to time the market perfectly often get burned.

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