2012 Contenders Championship Tickets – Andrew Luck Is Up!

Now that Contenders has been out for a few days, we are starting to see some of the bigger hits pop up. In terms of Panini’s overall product calendar, Contenders might only fall behind National Treasures in terms of the secondary market value of the singles, but where does it fall overall?

As of yesterday – two of the biggest 1/1s in the product have shown up. Will their value be hurt because there is a 1/1 for each variation? Doesnt look like it:

2012 Contenders Trent Richardson Championship Ticket 1/1 Auto

2012 Contenders Andrew Luck Championship Ticket 1/1 Auto

Others have also made an appearance, which include veteran base cards:

2012 Contenders Drew Brees Championship Ticket 1/1

2012 Contenders Bryce Brown Championship Ticket 1/1 Auto

2012 Contenders Dwayne Allen Championship Ticket 1/1 Auto

I have said numerous times that the Topps Chrome Superfractors have continually shown that they are the most valuable examples of the year, even more than the National Treasures 1/1 logo autos. Even the Finest Superfractors carry a ton of value. The aura of the Superfractor has trumped every last effort by every company since 2010 to produce an NFL licensed card that is more valuable. I dont think the Contenders championship tickets are at that level any ways.

I do think that other than Chrome, they might end up taking the second spot away from National Treasures due to a poor design this year, combined with the change in logos on the Nike Jerseys.

If I am a collector who wants the top chase card for the 2012 season, I am going straight to the Topps Chrome Superfractor. After that, its pretty much a toss up. With great design for the RPS rookies in Contenders this year, I think its definitely in line to be near the top.

2 thoughts on “2012 Contenders Championship Tickets – Andrew Luck Is Up!

  1. I find it hard to believe that the Luck card will be sold at $8K. Something tells me that’s a BS bid. You never know tho people are crazy.

  2. It is at $27K with still 6 days left, and you thought $8K was crazy LOL! Is it just me or does this seem like the card is worth a lot less than what it is “supposedly” going to sell for?

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