2012 Contenders Luck Championship Ticket Sells Again

I have been a big fan of 2012 Contenders, as i think the 1998 design is timeless, and works well when applied to a recent set. The biggest card in the product is the Andrew Luck Championship Ticket Auto 1/1, which has made national news for its “sale” a few weeks ago at over $40,000. Obviously, there were some shenanigans involved, because the card was never paid for, and was relisted twice.

It finally sold for a much more reasonable price:

2012 Contenders Andrew Luck Championship Ticket 1/1

Condition was definitely a factor, as Panini’s use of the awful foil has damaged the value considerably. Even in perfect condition, this card wouldnt have touched the sale of the Chrome Superfractor auto which recently sold to a very wealthy collector for a considerable amount of money:

2012 Topps Chrome Andrew Luck Superfractor 1/1 Auto – Paid for.

Another 1/1 from Contenders, the 1/1 gold card that was printed on 14K gold sold for a lot of money as well, even though it is not signed or even a true card.

2012 Contenders Andrew Luck Solid Gold Redemption – here it is relisted.

Bottom line, Andrew Luck has officially become the most valuable prospect in football history, and we have yet to see what his cards sell for in the top two sets of the year. When you also consider that Russell Wilson and RGIII are similarly incredible in their value, 2012 was a good year. A VERY good year.

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