2012 Fleer Retro is LIVE!

Similar to Panini Prizm, 2012 Fleer Retro has turned out to be a product that is going to get a big lift from its basketball counterpart. Not only is the product structured almost exactly the same as the basketball firestorm from earlier this year, but they have made a few extra additions to reflect some of the cards from the football side of 1990s inserts.

2012 Fleer Retro Aaron Rodgers Golden Touch Insert Die Cut

2012 Fleer Retro Aaron Rodgers Precious Metal Gems Green /10

2012 Fleer Retro Robert Griffin III Metal RC

2012 Fleer Retro Russell Wilson Autographics Auto RC

2012 Fleer Retro Troy Aikman Precious Metal Blue /50

Personally, I am not a fan of these overdone and gaudy 1990s style inserts. Not only do I believe the cards are some of the ugliest around, but I dont see why people find them so appealing. Obviously, if Retro Basketball is any indication, I am completely in the minority on this one. Panini previewed Totally Certified today for football, a modern product made with this style in mind, and I have to believe it might be one of the ugliest products of the year. Crown Royale still tops my list, but this move to the retro foil is sickening to me. I needed a TOTALLY certified barf bag going over their preview. BLECCCHHHH.

At least with the Fleer retro, not all of the cards are done in a way that hearkens back to 1997. I think this is a good idea considering that the 1990s did produce some cool inserts and sets that werent like looking straight into the sun at noon. Of course, with Basketball, things are ALWAYS different due to the international market and two players in particular. Michael Jordan and LeBron James can carry a product all by themselves, and without Andrew Luck, its unlikely that this product will achieve the same success. Its not to say that the Precious Metal Gems wont have the same attractive qualities to high end collectors, but it wont be the same. IT NEVER IS – TAKE NOTE, PRIZM COLLECTORS OVERPAYING FOR THESE.

I do think there are some redeeming qualities to this product outside of the hits everyone is chasing. The autographics cards I grew up chasing are here, and I think they turned out really nice, even with stickers. I am interested to see if any buybacks or other surprises are going to show up, but the fact that this product has almost no information behind it, scares me.

As more cards start showing up, ill reserve further judgement for them. At least they look better than this crap.

2 thoughts on “2012 Fleer Retro is LIVE!

  1. I really like the return of all the designs of the autographics but it doesnt spur me to buy packs or boxes or singles because I have no interest in cards of players in thier college uniform..

    I guess there is something for everyone but to me this is just expensive sage or press pass. They will come out and sell well at first because its new and shiny but realized prices will drop pretty quickly…

  2. Although the designs are great, the sticker autos and price kill this product. I bought 2 boxes and absolutely loved the 1992-93 fleer ultra retros. Other than that, this product is a stinker. Every auto pulled was a sticker auto. I remember that the original late 90’s early 2000’s were on card and it makes this product look worse. It is Upper Deck’s sticker dump for the masses. All my PMGs, inserts, and base cards were chipped badly also. Believe me when I say save yourself some money and buy 3 boxes of SP Authentic compared to 1 box of Fleer Retro.

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