2012 National Treasures Football is Live!

I posted earlier this weekend that National Treasures is set to go live this week. Tomorrow we should see a bigger flood of singles start to pop up, as long as the allocations work out correctly. I would guess that many of the boxes purchased at pre-sale prices may end up being sold as sealed, as the price has jumped significantly. However, with the case break from Panini that was posted on their site today, maybe that price will come down.

Here are the first few singles to pop up:

2012 National Treasures Robert Griffin III Auto Dual Relic /49 – I really like the way these cards look, even though they feature those horrible event used football swatches. The clean design and extra large photos are quite nice.

2012 National Treasures Bernie Kosar Jersey Auto /15 – Not the best player, but the design is great. I love the way these cards look, but its hard to get past sticker autos in a pack of cards that costs 600+ dollars.

2012 National Treasures Willie Lanier Auto /25 – These are SOOOO much better than the visual train wrecks from 2010 and 2011. That’s all I have to say.

2012 National Treasures Michael Robinson Jumbo Swatch – 600 dollar product, event used jersey from a game that no one cares about, player that no one cares about. What a disgrace. Par for the course though, the NT checklist is bloated as hell.

As more cards are posted, ill have more to talk about. I have the distinct feeling that people are going to realize quickly that there arent many products out there that can justify such a high price tag without 100% on card autos and a rookie patch auto per box. Even then, its difficult.

4 thoughts on “2012 National Treasures Football is Live!

  1. I like the inclusion of Bernie Kosar (a Cleveland favorite) low number auto card in the checklist as a secondary hit in the box; however, a sticker auto card??? I can’t imagine Bernie being a very busy person (like Dan Marino or Barry Sanders) who has limited time to sign autographs or is asking for insane $$ for autographs. It is all about doing advance work in contacting retired stars and find out who will take the time to sign on-card autos then make a preliminary checklist for the brand.

  2. Bloated describes this product very well. You have to be a millionaire, a gambling addict, or a financial masochist to bust this product at $500+. Panini seems to have a way of making it painfully obvious you got hosed. Unless of course you absolutely love jersey cards. They should rename the product “Hope You Pull a Luck or Griffin Logo Shield Auto or You Can Kiss Hundreds of Dollars Goodbye Treasures”.

    The fact that this product flies says a lot about the people that buy it. Try explaining NT with its current price and content to an average sports fan that’s not into sports cards and you will get a jaw-dropping look.

    Now the singles market is a whole other story. While the design doesn’t quite live up to the name, there are some nice cards in here. Thanks to the people crazy enough to bust this stuff so the rest of us can get some sweet cards and still pay rent.

  3. It makes me sick to think that people have this much cash to waste on a product like this. So they release a product over 2 months past the end of the season and they can’t get real jerseys for Bernie Koser to sign a card.

    As long as people keep buying it though they’ll never stop to think that they’re getting ripped off.

  4. Go check out that idiot Tracey Hacklers’s box break on youtube and read all the negative comments about it.
    The fact they can’t get players like Eddie George and Bernie Kosar to sign on-card shows exactly the lack of effort and care they actually put into their products.
    Go watch some of the box breaks popping up on youtube today and see the absolutely terrible breaks these poor suckers are getting.
    No event used or rookie premiere shit should ever be used in a product that costs more than $100. No excuse for an end of year release to have event worn bullshit and sticker autos.
    This company is a sticker company that makes cards. They work with what they know and they know stickers.
    Local shops now sell most panini products at cost just to try and move it. They refused to even touch National Treasures.
    This product,like all other Panini products, sucks.
    They will never get one cent of my money

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