2012 Prizm: Will the Golds /10 Measure Up?

Most of the hype behind 2012 Panini Prizm does not come from the design or concept of the product. Neither are original, unique or even that cool. The hype behind Prizm comes from 2012 Prizm Basketball, where low numbered inserts performed in a way that is unlike normal inserts do. In basketball, due to a drastically different hobby culture and international audience, the Gold Prizm cards numbered to 10 sold like they were Exquisite Patch autos. As a result, Football collectors have over-invested their excitement and money into football, not realizing the markets are like apples and oranges.

The first Gold Prizms are up on eBay, and already, the sellers have started listing them at prices well below where basketball is.

2012 Prizm Robert Griffin III Gold Prizm 7/10

2012 Prizm Doug Martin Gold Prizm RC /10

2012 Prizm Clay Matthews Gold Prizm /10

2012 Prizm Mark Barron Gold Prizm RC Insert /10

2012 Prizm Johnny Unitas Gold Prizm Insert /10

I think there will be a few higher sales until the product becomes more saturated, but the golds should start performing below the level of the Red Refractors /25 from Topps Chrome. They will still be valuable cards, but to compare to basketball is not a good idea. In basketball, there were no rookie cards to collect due to the lockout and product structure. There was also nothing really high end with NBA jerseys for the rabid super collectors to buy. Prizm Basketball had a captive audience.

I completely understand WHY this product is performing the way it is, even though I dont think it is worthy of the praise it is getting. After watching a case break yesterday, and 10 boxes online this morning, the dud potential of these boxes is ridiculous at 110-125 per box. When you also consider that the parallels wont sell the way people think they will, this is going to drop like a rock.

More vitriol to come on this… dont you worry.

8 thoughts on “2012 Prizm: Will the Golds /10 Measure Up?

  1. Prizm box pricing starts out at $110 to $125?

    So same price out of the gate as the hottest product of the year 4 months after its release? As crazy as the price of a hobby box of chrome is, its still a better buy to me than chrome jr.(prizm). I know I get another auto in Prizm but who is that auto going to be?

    Plus you miss out on all the different inserts and colored refractor versions from Chrome…. It is nice that Prizm has retired players but what does the auto checklist and insertion rate look like? Are the autos tiered?

    And the folks that have put the Brady or Elway gold prizm up for $4 or 2k, I want to live in that world..

  2. who is paying that much for boxes? i’m paying $86 from my LCS? you guys are getting ripped off.

  3. Blowout has them for over 100 – your LCS is ridiculously cheap on their price.

  4. Why ruin bread and butter rookies with change in design from regular gold? They copied veterans w/ b-ball gold design (which I love) but ruined it with added design elements for rookies a la Doug Martin. Stupid.

  5. I do not think Adam is getting ripped given he is not buying any boxes. I feel confident even people at you LCS are still getting but raped on ROI even at $86 a box. Wow the autos are just awful, I see a lot of boxes that do not even have a sell value of $5 for both autos combined. It is not like Chrome either where if you get a scurb and his cards might be like Kaepernick down the road, you will be lucky if the autos sell for the same as Topps Prime in a few years

  6. I would be much more okay with the hype that Panini is trying to create if the design was done more effectively. The design is horrible for the rookies. Huge border, ROOKIE in 125 point text, big white boxes behind the signatures. Chrome is exceptional, this is a cheap knock off.

    Where are the on card autos? Oh that’s right, this is a sticker dump.

  7. This is a typical Panini product. It starts out with so much potential and ends up being garbage. At least they finally listened and killed their stupid MAPP program! I haven’t bought a box right out the gate since they implemented it.

  8. I saw a couple golds in person today. Probably the best stock and look out of non auto cards I have seen. These will hold up quite well and I look forward to grabbing a few. I wish Bettis was in it. I would pay as much for that as a PMG green that sells for $300. They are beauts

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