2012 SP Authentic Football Is Quite Impressive From Initial Offerings

I have always been a big fan of SP Authentic, as the on card autograph patches have made their name as one of the best rookie cards for any rookie any year. The design is always simple and classic, with few exceptions, and it will forever remain one of my fondest brands that has ever been created. This year, with the continued absence of an NFL license, Upper Deck has continued to produce high quality and visually appealing cards that collectors will love.

It officially goes live on the street tomorrow – but we are getting our first cards up on eBay:

2012 SP Authentic Robert Griffin III Rookie Patch Auto

2012 SP Authentic Kirk Cousins Rookie Patch Auto

2012 SP Authentic Russell Wilson Rookie Patch Auto

2012 SP Authentic Robert Griffin III Stadium Shadow Box Gold Card

2012 SP Authentic Earl Campbell HOF Legends Auto

I absolutely LOVE the rookie patch auto design this year, which is so vastly improved over 2011, that it is practically a different set all together. This hearkens back to the original simplicity the brand has always represented, and I will no doubt be picking some up tomorrow when it comes into my local shop. The main drawback to this product will be the lack of Rookie Sensation Andrew Luck (still a Press Pass exclusive), but the checklist already states there will be a trade card similar to previous products from earlier in the year.

As more cards go up, I will update, but so far, this looks like a winner. Even the base cards and base card autographed parallels look good, which is a true sign of a well conceived product.

7 thoughts on “2012 SP Authentic Football Is Quite Impressive From Initial Offerings

  1. Agree with you on this product. I think all of the autos I have seen are on-card which is just incredible. I can’t justify breaking a box of something like Prizm full of sticker autos when a product like SPA is out. Besides the RPAs, I also like the look of the Canvas Collection cards. It’s got such a different look and feel than a lot of cards out there. Well done, Upper Deck!

  2. Garbage. Fake jersey relics that were never worn. RG3 will never sign his redemptions.

    UD are crooks.

  3. actually…..he already signed the cards and are due to arrive tomorrow. The jerseys are all worn by the athletes and are event worn. The same as the rookie photo shoot jerseys in NFL products

  4. Definitely better than last year’s SP Authentic, but I still won’t waste my money on this product. College jerseys at this time of year are just wrong. Would be great back in August.

  5. Fake jersey relics that were never worn. Would love to see pics to counter that statement other then UD reps flapping gums. I am sure someone had a camera in this day of smartphones etc. Only gellman would let UD get away with this

  6. I believe Gregg that they did the event worn thing at the signings that they did, however they are clearly not game worn. I dont think this should come as a surprise. It wasnt for me. None of the rookie cards during the year ever have game worn stuff. We know this, you know this.

    I have honestly given up fighting that battle – especially after how clear everyone made it that jersey patch content is to a card’s value. Even if the jersey is only worn for less than a second – a logo is infinitely more valuable. Therefore, the card companies are just giving people what they want. I refuse to buy event used cards unless they have an autograph, but I know that isnt the case for a lot of people.

    I would even go so far as saying I have given up on buying non-auto jersey cards all together.

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