2012 Topps Chrome – Autographs and News Aplenty!

Topps Chrome retail is starting to make it’s presence felt, all over eBay, and we have already started to see some big autographs surface. Topps has been tweeting out all sorts of pictures and previews all day, and it has contributed to a collector rush to the local purveyor of retail cards to get their fix.

2012 Topps Chrome Robert Griffin III Auto RC

2012 Topps Chrome Doug Martin Auto RC

2012 Topps Chrome Justin Blackmon Pink Refractor Auto /75

2012 Topps Chrome Nick Foles Auto RC

2012 Topps Chrome Brandon Weeden Auto RC

With the posting of these auctions, we are seeing that big RCs DO, in fact, have base card autographs in the product – even if they may be less available than lower tier rookies. Topps also released a statement that Luck and Griffin have all print runs of a refractor auto, except Luck does not have camo, and RGIII does not have the pink refractors. This is a HUGE relief for many collectors worried that they would not be afforded the same opportunity to pull the big autos as they did in 2011 Chrome, and this type of confirmation is a big deal.

Even bigger than that, Topps is adding steam to pulling the few redemptions out of their biggest product of the year, with the addition of Blue Wave cards and autographs now available. Redemptions are always a sore subject, but they might actually be some of the more coveted pulls out of a box now. With each redemption you pull and redeem, they will come fufilled with a special pack of blue wave refractors, and a shot of pulling autographs of surprise rookie sensation Alfred Morris. Cards of other players like Josh Gordon of the Cleveland Browns will also be included in these packs, who were not available due to the late deals and late draft. Not only will this make a bad pull into a MUCH better pull, but it will  give collectors a reason to actually redeem the redemptions instead of throwing them in a common box. For the first time ever, a redemption auto for a scrub could sell for 20-25 bucks!

For those unfamiliar with what the Blue Wave refractors are all about, they were first brought about in the Bowman line for baseball as special wrapper redemptions. It became such a hugely sought after giveaway that the cards have become somewhat of a chase item for player collectors and prospectors.

Overall, with a stellar design and added content this year, I have to believe this will be another banner year for Topps Chrome. Even though the box price makes it almost unbuyable, it is just too cool of an experience for most collectors to pass up.

One thought on “2012 Topps Chrome – Autographs and News Aplenty!

  1. I’m really excited to see how the redemption bonus packs go. It seems like such a “well, duh” idea that I’m surprised nobody has thought of it before. Seems like it will drive sales of scrub autos which in turn will make more people willing to take a chance and fork over the cash for a hobby box.

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