2012 Topps Chrome Blue Wave Packs ARE HERE!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls the day you have been waiting for has finally arrived!

2012 TOPPS CHROME FOOTBALL BLUE WAVE PACKS ARE LIVE. Let me repeat that, because it bears repeating. 2012 TOPPS CHROME BLUE WAVE PACKS ARE LIVE. If you have been waiting since the announcement for your cards to ship, and for these packs to show up on your doorstep, they are on their way. In all likelihood, these cards will be showing up for the east coast first, but the next few days looks to be the first dump target for these packs.

2012 Topps Chrome Alfred Morris Blue Wave Auto

2012 Topps Chrome Brandon Bolden Blue Wave RC

2012 Topps Chrome Isaiah Pead Blue Wave RC

2012 Topps Chrome Ronnie Hillman Blue Wave RC

There are a few rookies in this set that DID NOT have Topps Chrome rookies, including guys like Alfred Morris, Bryce Brown and Brandon Bolden, as well as a few other cards we are excited for. This includes the Andrew Luck Chuckstrong card, that should be one of the most expensive in the set, and a few other cool surprises im sure we will be seeing over the next few days.

These cards look pretty impressive in person, I cannot wait to get my four packs that I am due with my outstanding redemptions. Ill keep you updated as they come in, but keep your eyes peeled for the big hits that should start popping up over the next couple of days.

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