2012 Topps Chrome Blue Wave Singles – Will They Hold Up Due to Low Supply?

Now that we are 2-3 days into the period in which collectors are receiving Blue Wave packs from 2012 Topps Chrome Football redemptions, we are also starting to see completed auctions pop up as well. Oddly enough, the handful of Blue Wave exclusive chrome cards arent the biggest stories, as there are a bunch of the normal cards that are selling for WELL above expectations. They really turned out nicely, and I think that is one of the reasons that so many people want them.

Here are where we are with the first of the exclusives:

2012 Topps Chrome Blue Wave Joseph Morgan BW Exclusive

2012 Topps Chrome Blue Wave Bobby Wagner BW Exclusive

2012 Topps Chrome Blue Wave Brandon Bolden Exclusive BW

2012 Topps Chrome Blue Wave Bryce Brown Exclusive BW

The biggest card in the set might not actually be the Alfred Morris autograph that was likely to be a huge hit. Rather, the big 3 QBs have all been hitting some NICE prices along the way, while other lesser rookies are still selling for a bunch to the player collectors looking to compelte their rainbows. Its pretty incredible, but I guess not that surprising.

Additionally, the Andrew Luck exclusive BW variation is a card I expected to be the most expensive of the entire set. It commemorates the Colts support of Chuck Pagano during his cancer treatment, and many of the fans were definitely invested in that emotion during the season. So far, it hasnt disappointed, as many collectors believe it is more short printed than most of the other blue wave cards.

Guys like Trent Richardson, Doug Martin, and other second tier rookies are selling well into the 20-40 dollar range, and the third tier guys are usually breaking prices that we see for the colored refractor parallels. Of course, these prices will die down eventually, but its unclear how many sets will be out there if not all the packs are mailed out in a reasonable timeframe.

So far, there have been a few Russell Wilson redemptions popping up, quite a few Dwayne Allen redemptions (the main source of the packs), and onsie twosie others that have been fufilled here and there. It is still unconfirmed when the next wave (no pun intended) will be sent out. It could be months if the initial delay is any indication.

This begs the question of picking them up now or later. If we know that waves of these packs could be coming down the pike, but it could be a LONG time before they hit – is it worth buying in so early? I think it might be, as there is no guarantee that more will even come in a reasonable enough timeframe to make a difference. People will buy them and keep them, and with supply at a trickle, new collectors will eventually come on board and buy them as they are released.

That’s just a guess, but they are still a fun add on for the people lucky enough to get a couple of packs. Like I said previously, the whole situation has to do with the communication and news dissemination rather than the actual cards or the timeframe. I think people will happily be patient as long as you give them information as a pacifier.

One thought on “2012 Topps Chrome Blue Wave Singles – Will They Hold Up Due to Low Supply?

  1. Yeah it would be nioce to know how many of these Tops is printing or has printed of each player? Oh a checklist would be nice as well. I hear some people saying theres only 50 of each made, Which would mean these should pull a premium regardless due to scarcity.But the Lack of Information is making it a Gamble to say the least. Very Nice Looking cards tho. And a very nice addition to receiving a Plain ole redemption in a $100+ box of cards(at the time).

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