2012 Topps Chrome Superfractors Have YET to be Found

Topps Chrome has been out for a while now, and we have already seen a few of the bigger hits come up for auction, as expected. The interesting situation is that we have not seen EITHER one of the big Superfractors hit the market yet, which is odd considering how long it has been since release. We know that the non-autographed super of Andrew Luck has been pulled, but Richardson, Griffin and Luck’s autographed 1/1s have yet to be listed, which I am sure has led to more and more speculation over remaining cases to be opened.

When we see the ridiculous prices for previous autographed superfractors, the sky is the limit for the major hits from one of the biggest chase cards of the year:

2012 Topps Finest Andrew Luck Superfractor Patch Auto 1/1

2012 Topps Platinum Robert Griffin III Superfractor Patch Auto 1/1

2012 Topps Chrome Ryan Tannehill Superfractor Auto 1/1

2012 Topps Chrome Brandon WeedenSuperfractor Auto 1/1

We have already seen how much previous cards have sold for, including the rare red refractor autographs, and I am sure collectors are licking their chops over how much money could be possible in the sale of these cards. I remember the buzz that was generated over Sam Bradford and Cam Newton, and they had half of the potential of Griffin and Luck, which means that this could be a feeding frenzy when their cards eventually hit.

Bradford’s card was also a sticker autograph, which definitely puts a damper on things, and its obvious that guys in this year’s class have a longer shelf life that previously expected with other quarterbacks due to the supporting casts they have in their respective cities.

Speculation over what has happened to these cards will start shortly, especially in such a social media driven hobby. With more saving and less opening, it could take longer than usual in a prestigious draft’s market. Who knows what could happen to wax prices if these cards go unearthed for much longer.

3 thoughts on “2012 Topps Chrome Superfractors Have YET to be Found

  1. Do you really think Topps would send those cards out within the the first couple of weeks of shipping the product? I tend to doubt that. They aren’t stupid. They know a lot of the thrill in buying chrome is gone once the whales are pulled.

    Btw, i disagree with your characterization that Bradford and Newton didn’t have “half” the potential/hype as these guys. I think youre just living in the moment on that end, and I think the hype was just as big for both of those guys.

  2. this is a great article i have the Demarcus Ware 1/1 superfractor from 2012 topps chrome i was wondering if you knew of anyone that was interested in buying this card?

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