2012 Topps Strata Still Impresses After Months On the Market

With the year closing in on its finale, I am continually brought back to my favorite cards of the year on a regular basis. Because this was a year so widely focused on the decade’s best rookie class, I am continually wondering if we already have seen my favorite rookie cards of 2012, even though the two biggest products have yet to be released. We are still in the midst of Contenders mania, thanks to a visit back in time to 1998’s iconic design, but they are not my favorite – close, but not there.

My favorite rookie cards of the year, the 2012 Strata Signature Relics are still selling huge because of collectors’ love for these style of cards, and I am convinced that the release of National Treasures and Five Star will do little to sway me from loving these cards the most out of any other this year. They are just that cool.

2012 Strata Signature Robert Griffin III Patch Auto /15

2012 Strata Signature Andrew Luck Patch Auto /15

2012 Strata Signature Doug Martin Patch Auto /15

Strata, in general, is easily the best new product of the year, even with the big name SP list in effect. Even the box hit Clear Cut cards use creative perception points with acetate stock to highlight all the cool parts of the design, and I cannot get enough. With patch autos becoming as common as ever, the way each of the big hits in Strata are put together makes them special again.

Here are some of the best of the set:

2012 Strata Robert Griffin III Clear Cut Auto Patch 1/1

2012 Strata Russell Wilson Clear Cut Auto Logo Patch

2012 Strata Ryan Tannehill Clear Cut Auto Logo Patch

Many collectors rely on brand loyalty over creativity to determine their purchases for the calendar year, and that always surprises me. Why would anyone buy a card, solely because they have bought it before – regardless of the way it looks? That has always been the way of the world, so I guess it should be surprising how well Strata has sold out of the gates. The box price is a steal considering what is available, even though content outside of the main hits is minimal at best.

2 thoughts on “2012 Topps Strata Still Impresses After Months On the Market

  1. The box price is a steal? If this is your attempt at adding more comedy to the blog, congratulations, because that statement is laughable.

    Topps came up with a very nicely designed card and then used it to launch the money grand that was Strata. It’s inexcusable to have a card this nice as your box hit and have the majority of them be unnumbered.

    I’ve got no problem if you want to tip your cap to the design and creativity of the Clear Cut autos but I was hoping you acknowledged the lack of value Strata boxes on the whole.

  2. Can you write this post and link to cards outside of top 5 guys in the class in order to support your opinion that the product is holding value? You can take any product and link to the short print patch autos of Griffin and Luck, or the 1/1 autos, and claim that they are holding up well. Why don’t you post links to the 500 or so copies of white swatch jersey autos of Michael Egnew, Jarius Wright, and Dwayne Allen.

    I agree that the product is innovative and impressive in its design, but you mislead with statements like “the 2012 Strata Signature Relics are still selling huge”. No they arent. The short printed/rare/top notch players patch autos are still selling fairly well. Just like any other product.

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