2012 Topps Supreme Playbooks and Nicknames Add Nice Flavor

Here is my new soap box – adding more original autographed content that is outside the normal auto on normal card or auto on sticker on normal card.

Topps has done a pretty good job with this thanks to some fresh ideas that I really like. First there was the hand stamp autos that will be inserted across the brands after their launch in Triple Threads, and the Strata Signature relic cards I talked about earlier this week. They have incorporated other elements over the course of the year, but some of the new cards from Supreme definitely take the cake:

2012 Topps Supreme Andrew Luck Playbook Inscription Auto Book /5

2012 Topps Supreme Robert Griffin III Playbook Inscription Auto Book /5

2012 Topps Supreme Russell Wilson Nickname Auto Book /5

For the top QBs, Luck and company, they have the sticker auto on one side of the book, and included a drawn out play on the other side of the book. According to a rep from Topps – the QBs were asked to draw out their favorite at the Rookie Premiere, and it has made for a unique card I have never seen before.

For the other players at the premiere, they signed an inscription of their nickname on the black insert, which has been done prior, but not in book form. Inscriptions are my bag, baby, and this is something we need more of.

Five Star is coming next month, and we have already gotten confirmation of another round of my favorite set of the year. The inscription cards in Five Star have become a collector favorite that are widely chased, and the ones from Supreme are a nice little boost for a product that doesnt cost as much. Making them into books with stickers is definitely disappointing, but at least the black cards look cool against the gray border.

We are quickly approaching the point where content like this will be the ONLY valuable part of any set, and Topps seems to be well ahead of the game.

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