2012 Topps Supreme Looks Great From Recent Previews

When it comes to products like Supreme and Ultimate Collection – a one hit box that delivers either auto or jersey – you are always going to be taking a gamble with what can come out of that pack. I have actually become quite the fan of the singles from both products over the years, even to the point where I have taken the gamble myself on a few boxes. When you hit it big in these sets, you can really hit it big, and that is what has always been so attractive. Not only does it give you the chance to get a big card for less money, but the cards look awesome in the process.

Ultimate collection in 2009 operated under the same premise, which functioned as a true boom or bust style of box. Some of my favorite cards of all time came out of that product, and I continue to chase down further examples of the best players. Supreme is a very similarly structured product, though the lack of on card content has severely damaged its legs on the secondary market. This year should see major improvements in content, which should mean it might function similarly to the HOFer laden cards of 2010 that drove up box prices like crazy.

Topps has been previewing 2012 Supreme over the last few days, and like many who have seen the cards, I am quite excited for next Wednesday’s release. We have not yet reached the point where they are previewing autos, but from what they are showing us, even the relic content looks incredibly well put together.

I am extremely happy that Topps has continued to bring high levels of veteran and non-rookie content to this product, and I am similarly happy that they are using the die cutting more effectively, similar to last year’s cards. We have yet to see the famous Supreme book cards yet, but if the previews are any indicator, the best is yet to come.

Its been a long year for Topps Veteran player collectors – as the content for 2012 has shifted to focus on the top rookie class in the last decade. With guys like RGIII, Luck and Wilson to carry the class of highly productive rookies, there wasnt as much of a need to bring veterans into the fold. I completely disagree that it would not have been 100% encouraged to do so, but it really didnt happen. For Supreme, there is a ton of Veteran content to use in this set, and the 1/1 Logos and Tags are welcome and awesome.

When Supreme hits next week, Ill be refreshing eBay like a maniac to pick up some of the nicer cards that are around, and I already have a few boxes on order. Even though I can see that I am taking a risk of pulling a jersey card out of the box, its well worth the gamble. More pics to be added as they are previewed.

5 thoughts on “2012 Topps Supreme Looks Great From Recent Previews

  1. Awwwwwwwwww, shit!! Topps goin’ old school with the Emmitt Apex One jersey logo! Hell yeah! That’s Super Bowl dynasty years right there! That card should bring insane $$ when pulled… that is if people realize how impossible it is to find Apex authentic game worn stuff from back then… 🙂

  2. This product is practically turning into Ultimate. They’re evening using the light ornate background design inspired by 2009 Ultimate. On-card autos would make this amazing.

    Why was Upper Deck so successful at getting on-card autos for Ultimate, but Topps doesn’t try for it on Supreme?

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