2012 Triple Threads Hand Stamp Autos Are Beyond Cool

I am not a Triple Threads fan, and I most likely never will be. However, something Topps started this year happened to be associated with Triple Threads, and its not easy to let down my guard and tell people how cool I think it is. The hand stamp autographs were inserted across Triple Threads as a redemption program, and the first live ones are finally starting to show up on eBay.

They are oversized cards with huge autographs and the new hand stamp that was done at the rookie premiere. These cards look absolutely incredible, as the unique addition of something more than an autograph is always awesome.

Here are some of the ones that have shown up:

2012 Triple Threads Robert Griffin III Handstamp Auto

2012 Triple Threads Trent Richardson Handstamp Auto

2012 Triple Threads Ryan Tannehill Handstamp Auto

2012 Triple Threads Justin Blackmon Handstamp Auto

I have said that value will be derived in the future from things OTHER than just the signature on the card. Whether that is an inscription, a uncommon piece of memorabilia, or something else, collectors who chase high end cards will crave them.

Topps has already hinted that Five Star will have some extra surprises, and I have no doubt that these types of cards will eventually start the ball rolling for some more unique ideas. However, it seems like years we have been talking about the next big thing, which still hasnt come. This is not it, as these cards cannot be put into packs, but I think we are finally starting to make headway on a determination that something needs to change.

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