2012 Triple Threads is Live, Much to My Dismay

Well, Triple Threads is officially slated to arrive tomorrow on Black Friday, but it looks like there are already some cards posted by some people who have busted early. I explained my extreme hatred for this product in a post earlier this week, and it looks like my hatred is going to remain unchanged. Topps has added a few cards to this product that I think make it A LITTLE bit better, but overall, its still filled with cards I wouldnt buy with someone else’s money.

Here is what is up so far:

2012 Topps Triple Threads Six Player Auto Jersey Book – Doug Martin, Trent Richardson, etc

2012 Topps Triple Threads Russell Wilson Unity Jersey Auto Red

2012 Topps Triple Threads Nick Foles Triple Jersey Auto

2012 Topps Triple Threads Andrew Luck Unity Jumbo Jersey

2012 Topps Triple Threads TY Hilton Unity Auto Jersey

I think the “Unity” relic autos this year look a million times better than they did last year, but that isnt saying much. Although they are my favorite looking cards in the product, its obvious that they are not the reason people will buy boxes of this. I really like the horizontal look of the cards, and I think that for a sticker auto they do look pretty good.

After 7 years of this product, I still have no idea why people still like printing plates as much as they do. The printing plates, almost in hilarious fashion, make ugly cards even uglier, and yet this is the chase element in Triple Threads? Cmon.

In terms of the rest, its more of the same stuff we have seen since 2007’s first edition. Its really incredible how little this product has changed, and I am continually shocked by the ever growing stupidity of the phrases Topps chose to spell out on some of the cards. Ill do the best of the worst as more pop up.

Overall, Triple Threads continues to occupy the bottom floor of the high end product building. Considering the cardboard excrement that Panini trots out every year, a statement like that is not a good one.

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