2012 Triple Threads is Loaded With Big Hits That Are Quantity Over Quality

If there is one thing that Triple Threads isnt short of, its big chase cards that collectors love. Even though this is a product I cannot stand, and also a very polarizing set, it still has many fanatical followers that chase the many big hits. So far, we are already starting to see them pop up on eBay, and some of them arent actually that bad looking. However, for the majority of the cards people seek out, I wouldnt ever want as a part of my personal collection.

Here are some of the biggest cards posted so far:

2012 Triple Threads Andrew Luck Printing Plate Auto 1/1

2012 Triple Threads Andrew Luck / Robert Griffin III Dual Auto Relic Book /10

2012 Triple Threads Russell Wilson NFL Logo Patch Relic 1/1

2012 Triple Threads Andrew Luck Triple Relic Auto Platinum 1/1

2012 Triple Threads Emmitt Smith Jumbo Patch Auto Booklet /3

Here is what I dont get, for 150 plus dollars a box, you get a card with a sticker auto and single color swatches. Even though you get 2 autos now per box, I would guess that the Chrome autos – which are on card and look amazing – would still be that much more desirable. I went to a local shop this weekend to check in, and people were all over Triple Threads like it was some new fangled amazingness that has never been seen before. Meanwhile, Chrome was just sitting there at 80 a box, untouched and lonely from these collectors. A guy walks in, we talk and we end up splitting that last box. The cards we pulled together overshadowed almost all of the cards pulled from Threads, and that is saying something.  A variation of Robert Griffin III was pulled from Chrome and is worth more than the box hit auto from 4 of the 6 boxes I saw opened.

I get it, people care more about swatches and quantity more than design and quality, and that is why Triple Threads is as popular as it is. On the other hand, its also a big reason why it has so many detractors. You can pull book card after book card of the people you love in this product, but it will never live up to the creativitiy and innovation I see with Strata, or the consistent and simple beauty present in Chrome. Again, that’s just my opinion.

2 thoughts on “2012 Triple Threads is Loaded With Big Hits That Are Quantity Over Quality

  1. It’s always amazing at the little 2 week window that TTT seems to dominate. It really defies logic. TTT just sits there in a dead spot in the calendar and absolutely dominates from a silly high price point. Then, after it’s 14 day run is over, prices drop like a rock. I’ve been surprised 3 years in a row.

  2. Are you ever going to stop talking about this? We get it. You hate TTT. It’s gaudy, overpriced, and poorly designed. You love Chrome. Even though lots of people, including myself, find it a snoozefest. 98% worthless base cards with the other 2% consisting of simply a different color base card. How exciting! Most of your posts are well written as well as full of useful information. But every time I see a TTT post, I cringe. Next time you write out a novel about your hatred for TTT and your love for Chrome, please think twice before posting it. We all already know. Believe me. We know.

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