2012 Triple Threads Leather Bound Booklets Take Unique Content to a New Level

Every once and a while you start to wonder what the next big thing is going to be. So far, we havent really figured that out yet, so for now, we are left with interesting, quirky and unique things to pass the time. I recently posted on how some of these things are filtering through Triple Threads, including the awesome looking handprint autographed cards that are redemptions in the product. I saw last week that the first of a new type of booklet had surfaced in this same product, something I thought was ANOTHER tremendous idea from Topps.

Even though my feelings on the actual cards are less than stellar, the idea is crazy awesome. Take a look at the auctions below to see what happens when you mix relic with card stock:

2012 Triple Threads Andrew Luck / Robert Griffin Football Bound Booklet /5

2012 Triple Threads Ryan Tannehill/Justin Blackmon Football Bound Booklet /5

2012 Triple Threads Coby Fleener / Dwayne Allen Football Bound Booklet /5

This is where I believe that video cards were never that great of an idea. It wasnt creative, wasnt practical, and surely was not cool to me. This type of card production with the football as the booklet material is exactly the type of thing to make sure that we can hold off until the next big thing (whatever that may be).

I sincerely hope this is not the last time we see the football bound booklets, as I cannot think of a cooler thing to display with the card itself. The hand printed autographs are also in that same vein, as I have to comprehend that they are just trying to add awesome content to each box. I also realize these are not the next big thing, as said above, but we should be getting closer with each new innovation.

Similarly, as printing technology gets to be more and more advanced, I think that there is a lot of options available to ensure that sets like Topps Strata are just the tip of the iceberg. Obviously there will need to be a significant dedication to keeping the industry fresh, and that will take more than just a few unique cards, or even a few unique sets. Considering that Topps (with stuff like this) and Upper Deck (with the Shadowbox style cards) are really the only trailblazers that are still left, they will shoulder the burden of getting us to the next tier of card collecting.

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