2013 Absolute Football is Live With Lots of Disappointment

As I mentioned in my post a few days ago, 2013 Absolute is about as stale as it gets, at least in terms of the content that many collectors are doomed to pull out of their few boxes that they open. At 150 or so dollars per box, there are more reasons NOT to open this stuff as there is to rip into a box. With such a weak rookie class, a product that is already lacking in value becomes a barren wasteland of shit that no one should touch. However, we all know there are people out there that have no problem setting their cash on fire.

Here are some of the cards already up:

2013 Absolute Geno Smith Auto Jumbo Jersey RPA

2013 Absolute Ryan Nassib Auto Triple Relic RC

2013 Absolute Ryan Mathews Auto – The stickers Panini uses for Mathews change more than the Vikings’ Starting Quarterbacks.

2013 Absolute Keenan Allen Jumbo Patch Logo /5

2013 Absolute DeAndre Hopkins Triple Patch Auto /49

2013 Absolute Peyton Manning Hogg Heaven /99 – Interesting texture to these.

I cant even put into words how terrible these rookie premiere materials autos look, especially now that we are seeing the full effect of the design. Each card is worse than the next, with a creepy player picture jailed off from the rest of the design, leaving a big silver foil area for the swatch and sticker. For the last two years, these have been on card, which at least added SOME redeeming factor to atrocious design after atrocious design. Even then they sell for peanuts, and it all has to do with collectors getting fed up with seeing the same poorly designed donkey crap year after year. Its really quite depressing when you see that Panini has every opportunity to design nice looking cards, instead leaving collectors empty handed with turds like this abomination.

The shining stars, as I mentioned in the previous post are the tools of the trade cards, which I am looking forward to chase. If only these were done on card, that is where we could really see some damage. Considering that hasnt ever happened in the history of this set, im not holding my breath. Its truly baffling how little effort Panini is putting into their releases with no on card autos. As we have seen from Topps, this is a pretty accessible rookie class, but Panini seems to have taken one too many shots off the bar to care about content in their products. Guess that’s why a few of them are already on closeout.

How many days until Topps Chrome again? A month? Not bad. Ill wait.

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