2013 Absolute Jumbo Patches Are the Cream of the Crop

There are a lot of reasons to hate 2013 Absolute, especially in terms of the design of many of the cards. Over the years, one part of Absolute has been relatively successful in every sense, and as a result, have spawned a following like nothing else. The Absolute Patches jumbo set has been a collector favorite for years, and it should be no surprise that they are back and one of the best parts of the 2013 set.

The patches are always quite large, rarely disappoint, and can fetch hundreds of dollars for the best quality examples.

Here are some from previous years:

2008 Absolute Adrian Peterson Jumbo Patch /25

2009 Absolute Andre Johnson Jumbo Patch /25

2011 Absolute Terrell Suggs Jumbo Patch /25

Here are this year’s examples:

2013 Absolute Chris Johnson Jumbo Patch /25

2013 Absolute Alfred Morris Jumbo Patch /25

2013 Absolute Ray Rice Jumbo Logo Patch 2/2

2013 Absolute Andy Dalton Jumbo Patch

With Panini’s awesome decision to leave most of their jerseys unwashed before cutting them up, its obvious that a set like this will continue to get more unique patches than ever before. There is also a rookie version of this set as well, but without the patches being game used, I will never look to purchase them. Game used jumbo patches of high quality parts of the jersey are still quite rare in each of the four sports, as it can really cut down on the yield available from expensive game used jerseys.

Panini also has looked to add some parallels to this set this year, saving the logos from the sleeve or others that may pop up as more of the product is opened. The issue with seeing more examples of these cards stems from the fact that there are SO FEW people opening this product. Like we saw with the Down and Dirty cards from 2013 Playbook, it took forever for some of them to surface due to the lack of boxes that people broke. Group breakers continue to open the boxes, which will be good to see more of it, but man I hope we get to see how far this really goes for 2013.

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