2013 Panini Black Friday HOF Autos Continue to be Amazing

Black friday usually presents a big opportunity to buy your gifts for the year, and Panini has taken this time to offer some great cards as part of their 2013 Black Friday packs. Aside from the normal (and usually hideous) autographs that are usually part of this set, Panini is also offering cards signed on card by the 2013 HOF Class. Aside from the fact that on card autographs like this are rare, these actually look pretty incredible.

Check these out:

2013 Panini Black Friday Cris Carter HOF Class Auto

2013 Panini Black Friday Warren Sapp HOF Class Auto

2013 Panini Black Friday Larry Allen HOF Class Auto

This isnt the first time these cards have been a part of the set, as there are others that have been available before. They sell VERY well:

2012 Panini Black Friday Willie Roaf Auto HOF

2012 Panini Black Friday Curly Culp Auto HOF

Panini has a long standing relationship with the HOF which usually produces great results:

2010 Classics Emmitt Smith HOF Auto Jersey

I think that these types of programs need to be considered for more of their sets. The HOF is a huge part of Football and I love the on card additions to the hobby. We already see that for products on the horizon, Panini is making an effort to get more hard signed non-rookie content into packs. I will forgive more of the mistakes for design when the autographs are hard signed, but these cards dont need the normal criticism that Panini frequently invites with poor choices on how their cards turn out.

There is no doubt I will be hunting down some of these cards, and I would guess that the team collectors out there already know how cool these can be.

One thought on “2013 Panini Black Friday HOF Autos Continue to be Amazing

  1. I have been on Panini to do this set for a few years now. There hasn’t been a set that has EVERY HOFer. It could be done as a stand alone or even a box topper set. 3 card packs and then do a wrapper redemption or something as new inductees are added. 100 wrappers for the new set every year. If done right, it would be product of the year and I would do at least a few cases.

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