2013 Bowman Blue Waves Are Live!

This year, MLB is running below where it has been, mainly because the only ridiculous hot rookie in Yasiel Puig does not have a ton of cards. There is no Harper or Trout to carry the weight like last year, but Topps is finding a way to keep people engaged.

Of the best giveaways of the year in the Bowman Blue Waves have started to show up.

2013 Bowman Chrome Blue Wave Byron Buxton RC

2013 Bowman Chrome Blue Wave Carlos Correa RC

2013 Bowman Chrome Red Wave Yordano Ventura

2013 Bowman Chrome Blue Wave Oswaldo Arcia Auto

The reason I say its one of the best is because the cards are usually worth the most for what you have to give up. Although the redemption packs were gone very early on, the people who do end up with them should end up pretty happy.

We know there are on card autos inserted into the packs, but I doubt guys like Correa or Buxton will be included. The big money makers are the red parallels /25, which should be even more pricey this year due to the sheer lack of parallels that were included in the packs.

The turnaround time on these cards has been tremendous, which is something that Topps had been fighting against with the football situation. Overall, this looks like a good result for everyone who made the cutoff.

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