2013 Bowman Chrome Yasiel Puig Superfractor is Up Again!

There was no bigger story in 2013 than Yasiel Puig’s meteoric rise through the hobby, and no bigger cards than his autographs through the year. When the market supply was low, his cards were selling for enormous amounts, only to drop due to performance on the field and eventual saturation. One card was always the one that everyone was destined to look for – the 2013 Bowman Chrome Superfractor Auto 1/1.

Here is the most recent auction:

2013 Bowman Chrome Yasiel Puig Superfractor Auto 1/1

Originally, the card was pulled and posted on a few forums, but eventually sold to SBay, a company that makes repack boxes called “Superboxes.” Although I don’t think they come close to companies like Leaf or Heroes of Sport, these repacks have become pretty popular. The card was inserted in their main 2013 product, only to be pulled and listed recently.

As you can see, these cards still are as hot as anything:

2013 Topps Five Star Yasiel Puig Auto RC

2013 Bowman Inception Yasiel Puig Silver Signature /25

2013 Topps Chrome Yasiel Puig Sepia Auto /75

Regardless of Puig’s on field performance during the latter half of the season, this is a huge card that should sell for enormous amounts of money based on comparable listings. As displayed above, his cards still sell for quite a bit, even though there is a fully saturated market to meet the demand. I am going to guess it’s a $10K-13K investment for someone out there with money to burn, or potentially a company willing to buy for their own repack products.

How funny would it be for SBay to rebuy the card again? Hell, it’s a big selling point for a product that I have yet to see any really good reason to spend the kind of money they charge for a box. The football boxes have been nothing but brutal, and without a card like this in baseball, im curious to see if collectors have any good reason to buy in.

Puig should continue to be the biggest thing in baseball until Tanaka signs and the 2013 draft class start to make waves, and this card is a prime example of how big Chrome can be.