2013 Bowman Football: Best Kept Redemption Secrets

For the record, I know that 2013 Bowman Football is not for everyone. A couple of years ago, it probably wouldnt have been for me either. However, after seeing the disaster that is 2013 Score, and coming to accept that pre-draft pre-rookie premiere products can be a fun break to pass the time before the good stuff comes, I have come to appreciate it. Its not ideal, and if it were released in September, I would freak – but for now, it’ll do. Its better than anything else that’s out there right now, and I am impatient by nature. I need my fix.

Now that we have that out of the way, I want to discuss the two best kept secrets of the product. Even though they arent really “secrets,” the way they are presented is misleading enough that people dont recognize the true value. I have never been so excited for redemptions. In the boxes, there are two programs for two different cards that will feature autographs of the 2013 rookie class in their NFL uniforms. The firstis the “BOWMAN AUTOGRAPHS” redemptions and the second is the “BOWMAN BLACK” redemptions.

Here is what I mean:

2013 Bowman Mike Glennon Black Auto /25

2013 Bowman Eddy Lacy Black Auto /25

2013 Bowman Manti Te’o NFL Uniform Auto Redemption – likely out of less than 25.

2013 Bowman Matt Barkley NFL Uniform Auto Redemption

These should be the first available hard signed cards of the rookies in their NFL uniforms, and because I love the design of the set so much, I jumped all over them. People question why NFL uniforms couldnt have been used in the live autograph cards, and it all has to do with the desire to use the Chrome stock, which takes forever to produce, and the unavailability of the players to sign them after they are printed. Its a choice Topps had to make. You can either have sticker autos on paper cards like Panini chose (disaster), or on card autos on Chrome, which I definitely prefer. There are no other options at this point in the calendar. People complained that they should have airbrushed in NFL unis on the base cards, but I would not support double zero jerseys more than I already have to.

The Bowman Black cards are the easiest to spot because many of the collectors who pulled them knew the subset from Baseball. What they didnt know is that the NFL uniforms will be used in this set per Topps on Twitter, and they will be on card. The Bowman autograph redemptions are a bit more confusing. The wording on the redemptions was inexcusably misleading, and it made it seem like Topps was issuing redemptions for cards that were live in other parts of the product. In reality, they will be NFL uniform cards that are extremely rare, and as a result a lot of collectors have let them go for waaay too little because they dont know.

I get that Topps has a major problem with redemptions, but this should be a different situation by all accounts. Rookies rarely have issues signing cards, even though there are exceptions, and these should get made quickly. I fully expect these cards to come through in a reasonable timeframe, but there will be a wait. I also understand that pre-premiere products are borderline obsolete now that Upper Deck has the exclusive CLC license, but this spot is open and it is easy money. These products will continue to get made, and at least Topps has found something that works well.

13 thoughts on “2013 Bowman Football: Best Kept Redemption Secrets

  1. WOW! I feel stupid. I just pulled one of these of Mike Glennon out of a pack and it just looked like a dumb old redemption that I am not willing to wait for so I sold it probably for way less than it is worth since they could be #d /25 or less. Awesome! I bet the buyer is just laughing his tail off! WOW!

  2. SEE this is what I was talking about. Inexcusable wording on the redemptions.

  3. Had a Te’o “Bowman Autograph” that I traded after I knew what the heck it was for sweet card but can’t believe one just sold on ebay for about 25 bucks. I didn’t want to keep it because Te’o hasn’t signed anything for Bowman yet plus I just don’t like him very much, but heck I probably should have snatched up the one that ended yesterday for 30 bucks, somebody will pay 50 for that card once it is made at least.

  4. So if you pull, for example, a Manti Te’o Gold Refractor Auto..is it just the regular one (which isn’t out in any form but redemptions)?

  5. I think this is great that Topps is doing something like this, however (pics of rookies in their NFL uniforms for this set with autographs and making them short-printed). It is just an unfortunate situation in my case and probably for quite a few others.

  6. Now I understand why you were busting so much of it recently at Charlie’s place. Small world!

  7. Im not sure anyone should be too upset about it..

    Are these going to be part of the existing bowman set or are they insert or parallel autos?

    Either way they will go down once the regular on card auto NFL uni sets like Chrome come out…

    Scarcity usually doesnt drive prices especially if it is not considered a true rookie card under the old definitions….

    2 rules I use in the biz,

    If I have it its not rare and all cards go down….

  8. I agree, if Topps lived up to their redemption responsibilities. But sadly they have not been for the last 6-months to more than a year. I was patiently waiting for (3) 2012 Bowman Mark Barron Rookie Autographs being a huge long time Bucs fan. I started calling Topps in Nov. 2012. After at least six phone calls I was flat out lied to by them telling me they will go out at the end of the 2013 NFL season, then when Jan. passed I asked for replacements and spoke with Vincent after I received NOTHING after five more phone calls. Vincent told me Topps had a major problem with their Duryea employees and basically replaced all the Duryea Supervisors and some Management.
    I finally get an envelope from Duryea a few weeks ago with: a 2010 Chrome Taiwan Jones (COMMON) RC Refractor, and the same of Dwayne Harris (COMMON), plus a 2010 UFC Phil Barroni (who???) Auto. These were my three replacements for the Mark Barron autographs I DID WANT!!! You could not buy Mark Barron RC Autographs from major card companies in June 2012 for $2.00 each (they cost me $5-$7 ea. on eBay), but you could buy Taiwan, Dwayne and Barroni for $2.00 each then AND now! So how was that a fair replacement?

    Now you cannot get the right person from Topps on the phone. I stayed on hold for 20-minutes last week and got Richard who after I explained everything said he just spoke with Vincent (Supervisor I spoke with before about this fiasco) and Richard said Vincent will call me by the end of the day. Of course that never happened! Topps doesn’t answer their e-mails now either (for weeks now). If this sounds familiar to hobby vets, IT IS. This is what happened right before Score Board bankrupted themselves by burying themselves in long overdue redemptions! I should know as I was the ONLY non-attorney fighting the court (Judge Gloria Burns) for all those owed redemptions in the Score Board case which was a lost cause. At least I tried- Topps is in the same boat more than most realize. Both SB & Topps are/were publically owned companies on the stock market and it was the corporate a-holes that screwed collectors royally. But I know they all got paid!
    Topps’ latest resolution was making FAKE Autograph Inserts as replacements with sticker autographs that do not belong to ANY Topps product or set. Then Topps is putting THEIR OWN value on these cards that will never be listed in Beckett based on past similar releases. Topps is not LEGALLY allowed to put a value on ANY cards they produce or they are conducting a lottery. This was disclosed in several court cases over the years and the reason why ALL Topps boxes state that Topps does not put a value on any of their cards nor do they give the cards any future value (or close to that).
    I was owed two 2012 Allen & Ginter Guy Buford redemption ON CARD (the only ones I personally collect unless only stickers exist of that player) autographs. He was the first African-American Astronaut that I was very much looking forward to getting. Then WITHOUT ME EVEN ASKING Topps sent me a Dwight Gooden (cocaine addict) FAKE Autograph Insert and a Gary Carter FAKE Autograph Insert (deceased for over 16-months!!!) as replacements for these two autographs I REALLY wanted. It’s disgraceful that Topps is capitalizing on Carter’s death to put a $25.00 value on his autograph cards that sold on a regular basis on eBay for $10.00-$12.00 before he died! I paid $15.00 ea. for the Buford redemptions!!! What was Topps thinking sending me a DWIGHT GOODEN STUPIS STICKER AUTO for an ON CARD Astronaut Autograph??? I was buying Gooden Autographs as gifts for Mets fans I know that requested them for the holidays for $2.00-$3.00 ea. on eBay for over 5-years!


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