2013 Bowman Inception: Early Front Runner for Product of the Year?

Ive talked about Bowman Inception a few times already, but man, this product continues to impress. Collectors are all over it because of on card autos from big prospects like Buxton, Correa, Puig and Castellanos, and after breaking a few boxes today, consider me among the converted. As I mentioned prior, Inception is one of the best brands created from Topps in a long time, and its eventual transfer to baseball was a great decision.

The best cards in the product are many, and I wish I had the type of money needed to really buy a few of them. Here are my favorites.

Silver Signings Auto /25

My favorite improvements over football are the silver signings cards, which really took a step up with the adjusted white swooping design. Although the football ones have truly been awesome over the years, I love the way the baseball cards take a bit of a different approach. It still has a great space to highlight the signature in silver pen, but the white around the edges really makes the card pop.

2013 Bowman Inception Byron Buxton SIlver Signings /25

2013 Bowman Inception Nick Castellanos SIlver Signings /25

2013 Bowman Inception Oscar Taveras SIlver Signings /25

Inscription Autos /10

I also LOVE any time inscriptions are included, which will also make their debut in 2013 Inception football due out on the 24th. I consider myself to be a connoisseur of fine inscription cards, and these are just that. The design is an offshoot from the silver signings cards, and the added ink makes these cards that much more unique. Not many have surfaced as they are really rare, but the ones that have are pretty incredible.

2013 Bowman Inception Byron Buxton Inscription Auto /10

2013 Bowman Inception Wil Myers Inscription Auto /10

RC Dual Rise Autos

I rarely like multi signed cards from Topps outside of Five Star, only because they usually take a stacked approach on the way the cards are designed. Instead of layering the players side by side with more room for pictures and autos, they put the autos on top of each other, which rarely looks good. Thus is not the case for inception, as these cards really look incredible.

2013 Bowman Inception Jorge Soler / Albert Almora Dual Auto

RC Auto Relics

As for the sticker autos, I also like the prospect patch auto design for guys that are already past their first true years in a product. Trout, Machado and Dylan Bundy all have cards in this set, and the background elements make the cards that much more awesome than the true prospect versions. Although I dont think the other versions are ugly, the sky background doesnt lend itself to the eye as well.

2013 Bowman Inception Mike Trout Auto Patch /10

2013 Bowman Inception Bryce Harper Auto Patch /10

Pricing on this product has been skyrocketing since release, jumping almost 20 dollars since last tuesday. I dont think we are close to the final price either, this stuff is just too pretty.

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