2013 Bowman Yasiel Puig Superfractor Mini 1/1 Has Surfaced!

Every year, there are a few cards that you wait to see what they go for. These cards usually have the best shot at being the most valuable cards of the entire calendar year, and its always interesting to see how much they sell for. In baseball. Yasiel Puig has been responsible for many of these types of cards, but until recently, his 2013 Bowman Mini Superfractor was still out there.

Well, much to everyone's delight, the card of the year was put up on eBay, and had a very enormous asking price before it was taken down.

If you remember back to when the 2010 Bowman Stephen Strasburg Superfractor was listed, it sold for over 20K to a casual collector with a lot of extra money laying around. This seller has to be hoping this card breaks the modern ceiling of 10K at this point, but with Puig coming back down to earth I dont blame him for selling now. ALthough the auction was ended, there are no reports the card has changed hands.

We already had a very surprising sale of the Byron Buxton Superfractor Auto 1/1 that approached the ceiling, and once 2013 Bowman Chrome is released with Puig autos, there will be plenty more for us to chase. Im curious to see how this card eventually compares to the 1/1 autographed Superfractor, as the autographed cards can sometimes carry a premium, even if they arent the first card released. The 2013 mini is Puig's first Topps card in his Dodgers uniform though, and despite the fact that it is an insert, there are a lot of reasons why this card is as coveted as it is.

As the tidal wave of Puig cards and autographs eventually floods the market, cards like his Mini and his insert Bowman top 100 will calm down some. There is also no guarantee that he will continue to play at the high level that he is. As much as we would all like to see him slug 80 home runs in 80 games, its not going to happen. However, he will be a factor in a large market for the rest of the year, and next year looks like a sure thing as well. The issue is that THIS is the peak of his popularity. You dont buy now.

Since collectors have already had considerable shots at licensed autographs in 2013 Bowman Inception, Im curious to see what happens when Allen and Ginter comes out during August. The Inception cards are selling extremely well as expected, but their status as redemptions tends to hurt the potential value until they start going out. Same thing is happening with the 2013 Lucky Redemption auto that is Puig’s first autograph available. I have a lot of confidence that they will eventually be signed as a priority, but I am just as curious to see what happens if the Ginter autos are live.

Even Harper’s cards settled down during the offseason a bit, as Baseball wasnt top of mind. With football season coming on strong, you can bet that there will be plenty of chances to buy in.

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