2013 Contenders Football is Live!

The first few autos and cards from 2013 Contenders have been posted, and for the most part I continue to like the design a lot. I think it holds the ticket concept well, and doesnt try to go overboard like we have seen in other years.

2013 Contenders Eddie Lacy Auto Ticket RC

2013 Contenders Christine Michael Auto Ticket RC

2013 Contenders Luke Willson Playoff Ticket Auto /99

2013 Contenders Stepfan Taylor Auto Ticket RC

From what it looks like, the parallel playoff tickets are not on foil this year, instead just changing the words on the ticket from “rookie” to “playoff” – although they are numbered to 99 just like last year. Im sure the Cracked Ice ones will still be foil, as I dont see how they can do any other way.

As I have mentioned before, there are two issues that are going to plague this product. One is that the rookie class will continue to be a detriment to this product unlike the bigger hits from 2012, but also that every non-ticket card is relatively hideous. I hope things turn out better than I am expecting, as I am planning on busting a few boxes against my better judgement.

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