2013 Draft – Things Not Starting Well For the Hobby

There has been a ton of talk over the last few years that show this year in football to be a weak one. With such strong classes in 2010, 2011, and 2012 for the hobby, its obvious that collectors are a bit spoiled. That being said, there IS a lot to worry about this year. With no QBs taken in the top 15 and Tavon Austin being the only player at 8, there is not much to get excited about.

Here are the top guys that should come across the stage so far:

2013 Upper Deck Auto Letter Tavon Austin

2013 Upper Deck Ultimate EJ Manuel Auto RC

2013 Upper Deck Auto Letter Ryan Nassib

I love what Tavon Austin brings to the table, as I have said before, but WRs are never the type of guys that draw value in the hobby. In fact, its gotten to the point that if you arent a QB its tough to have sustained value. Geno Smith was the biggest skill name coming into the draft, and he wasnt even the first QB picked. EJ Manuel is not a guy that should command huge value this year, especially considering the team he plays for is a relative black hole for collectors. I am literally shocked that the Bills took him over both Smith and Nassib, but this is a pick that no one really expected all the way around.

There is still value in Eddie Lacy and Manti Te’o, but much of the value they eventually receive will be from their teams they are drafted to. They just arent headliners like we had last year. I think there is a lot I would be worried about if I sell a lot of football cards this year, because there is nothing good I can see coming to sell boxes until the season eventually starts and the stats come rolling in. With so many products coming out pre-season its going to be a very brutal start to the season.


3 thoughts on “2013 Draft – Things Not Starting Well For the Hobby

  1. This might have been the most boring draft first round ever.

    I look at the list of players taken and it’s the most uninspiring group of offensive linemen and defensive players I’ve seen.

    I can see getting pumped for a defensive rookie if he turns out to be like Von Miller or something, but no one gives a crap about offensive linemen in the hobby.

    I don’t think I will buy any football this year, maybe a few singles of players I like.

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  3. Will not be buying new football. Will spend my $$ on Autos/RC’s of HOFers I collect.

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