2013 Exquisite and 2014 Score Football Give First Real Look at New Class’ Hobby Value

With 2014 Exquisite and 2014 Score, we are getting the first cards of the new class in two categories – NFL branded and Super High end. So far, there has been only a few cards worth talking about in both capacities, but as expected, this new breed is getting some major attention before any pre-season snaps have been taken.


These cards should be the rookie auto patches to really get some great potential in the early season releases. At least they are autographed this year, which has led to higher prices than we normally have seen in the XRC cards from this product. Not only do the cards look good, but they give us a first look at how the class is going to perform. Not bad at all.

2014 Exquisite Johnny Manziel Auto XRC /49

2014 Exquisite Blake Bortles Gold Auto XRC /10

2014 Exquisite Sammy Watkins Auto XRC

2014 Exquisite Mike Evans Auto XRC

Score Retail

I think this product is about as deserving of the axe as any product, but like we see with both companies, they want to keep affordable options on the table for some reason. Its different this year, because Score is only retail, even though some hobby stores will likely have it. Aside from a nice base design, the sideline shots kill any appeal this product had in the first place. I would much rather have retouched action shots with on card sigs in Bowman later this month.

Here are some of the cards:

2014 Score Blake Bortles Hot Rookies Auto

2014 Score Johnny Manziel Auto RC – Boring and stupid sideline shots ruin a nice score design

2014 Score Teddy Bridgewater Auto RC – see above

Next week marks the release of Hot Rookies, a product that we know VERY little about, only further questioned by the fact that Panini seems to think the “Hot Rookies” set is one worth replicating multiple times as a label. Not only does that not make sense to me, as Score represents an inferior brand altogether, but it only shows how much stock they put in bad ideas. We will see how it works out, but I am not holding my breath. Hopefully we can be pleasantly surprised now that Karvin Cheung has taken over, a guy with UD in his background.

Here is to the beginning of the 2014 card season, welcome to the thunderdome.

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