2013 Exquisite Football: RGIII Logo 1/1 Hits Ebay

Each year when Exquisite is released, collectors are usually treated to some of the most high end, high quality cards there are. Although Exquisite is no longer NFL licensed, the product has proven that there is a niche market for NCAA licensed material, and also that the Exquisite name continues to carry weight in the hobby. With the recent announcement that Andrew Luck now has a deal in place, his trade cards from the products have already shot through the roof. Funny thing is, it isnt even the best card in the product.

This Robert Griffin III Rookie Auto Patch 1/1 is the best.

These cards are a few of the cards that actually use patch materials, instead of the screen printed replica junk we see on most of the other swatches. Many of them have sold for a high premium as a result. Player collectors and college team collectors are going crazy in some cases trying to track them down.

2012 Exquisite Trent Richardson Logo Auto 1/1

2012 Exquisite Justin Blackmon Logo Auto 1/1

2012 Exquisite Nick Foles Logo Auto 1/1

2012 Exquisite Alshon Jeffery Logo Auto 1/1

I complained earlier that these types of jerseys shouldnt be used, but because they are dirt cheap to accumulate, its obvious why Upper Deck wants to buy them in bulk for the players to wear. I guess if its player worn, who really cares as long as its multi colored, right? I think the actual patches look much nicer in the cards from an aesthetic point of view, which is why I dont support the above theory.

On the other hand, many of these cards are different in the fact that even the replica jerseys have patch material on the collar logo. This does usually contribute to a VERY nice looking example, which is further highlighted by one of the better rookie patch auto designs of the last few years. 2011 was by far the best, but this is a close second.

Actually, there are quite a few nice cards that have been pulled out of the product, many of which should crack two and three thousand a piece. Check out some of these others:

2012 Exquisite 16 Signature Book – RC Quarterbacks and WRs

2012 Exquisite 16 Signature Book – HOF Quarterbacks and Running Backs

Exquisite turned out to be a nice upgrade over 2011, sometimes in ways I didnt expect. I am curious to find out how this eventually shakes out in years to come. Now that UD has built a secondary name for themseves after the loss of the NFL license, its only fitting that the cream of the crop in Exquisite get consideration as the belle of the ball.

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