2013 Exquisite is Coming, But With Extremely Late Release Date

I have always been a fan of Upper Deck and their card design. Even after they lost their NFL license, collectors have still attributed value to the cards at pro levels, which has been quite shocking to me. Exquisite is the best of the best for UD products, and we are getting our first look today.

Here are some of my favorites from past years’ Exquisite:

2012 Exquisite John Elway Shadowbox Dimensions Auto

2012 Exquisite Robert Griffin III Auto Inscription

2012 Exquisite Russell Wilson Rookie Auto Patch

2012 Exquisite Alfred Morris RC Auto Inscription

Although the cards look great in 2013, as they always have over the history of the product, I cant help but feel this is a TERRIBLE idea to release ANOTHER high end product for a rookie class that has the value of an undersized running back in the NFL draft. Had this been released earlier in the year, collectors may not have been as turned off, but its clear that planning really didnt take hold here.

Upper Deck releases products through the whole year, and saving Exquisite for a time like this is not a good idea. Think of how people would react if they could have super high end cards of their favorite players in November, instead of weeks after Topps and Panini have already closed out their card year.

It was abundantly CLEAR at the beginning of the year that the 2013 class was going to be a buzzkill. To still roll with a calendar that includes a product like this in freaking borderline JULY, showcases how much things need to change with UD’s product planning. They need to capitalize on the fact that they can have cards done at any point after the NCAA season, because there is no need to have pro-shots on the cards. There are 2014 autos that will help, as they have in year's past, but its not going to be enough of a saving grace to make a difference.

As I mentioned before, many of the cards, including booklet and rookie auto patches that look better than any previous year of NCAA exquisite. No joke. However, that does not give them a pass on this release date.

The entire hobby could not wait to move on from 2013, which is only highlighted further by the prices we are seeing on 2014 cards. Im not a fan of this situation, even though I am a fan of the way the cards look. Pull your heads out of your asses and look at how many people opened Quantum. More will open Exquisite because of the name, but untold potential has been lost with this release date.

4 thoughts on “2013 Exquisite is Coming, But With Extremely Late Release Date

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  2. If you ever watch Cards Infinity breaks, he has 3-4 guys who just break cases of this shit. Cases upon cases upon cases. It’s fun to watch but I can only imagine how much they lose on every break, even after Chris gives them a discount. 2011 was eh, 2012 was double eh (No Luck), 2013 was brutal (like everything else). Hopefully, this comes out during the season.

  3. ^^^^^ meant that 2013 will be brutal and that the 2014 set should come out during the season.

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