2013 Finest Big Hits Starting to Command Attention

Now that Topps Finest has been on the market for a few days, we are starting to see the depth of the hits and the different autograph hits that make up the set. This is the first true “chrome” style set of the year with pro-uniforms, which means we also have our first big autographs for the rookie class.

The First True Superfractors of the Year

Although 2013 Bowman had some really nice supers, they weren’t in pro uniforms. These are real superfractors that are highlighted by some simple and well conceived design work. The patch auto supers have some really nice logos, and the on card autos continue to be impressive in the way they look. Over the last few years, these autos have continued to be extremely valuable as the year goes on, which is not characteristic of cards released this early in the year.

2013 Finest Robert Woods On Card Auto Superfractor RC

2013 Finest Jarvis Jones Superfractor Auto Jumbo Patch 1/1

2013 Finest Marcus Lattimore/Vance McDonald Dual Auto Patch Superfractor 1/1

Logo Auto 1/1s and Other 1/1 Autos

Back in 2012, these were introduced, almost in secret, they are back this year, with laundry tags, logo patches and jumbo patch autos as well. I think that they are a fun addition each year, mainly because this hobby is driven by the patch quality in a card. To get logos on chrome stock this early in the year is definitely a plus.

2013 Finest Justin Hunter Nike Logo Auto 1/1

2013 Finest Jonathan Franklin Nike Logo Patch Auto 1/1

2013 Finest Matt Barkley Jumbo Patch Auto 1/1

Atomic Refractors and Autos

These have been cards that I haven’t really latched onto over the last few years, since their return, and this is the first year that I think they really look cool. Its obvious that the photoshop skills are improving in getting the uniforms retouched, and that makes a huge difference. If these cards are back next year, I would like to see some real risks, maybe even going to an acetate style of stock to make them even more amazing.

2013 Finest Geno Smith Auto Atomic Refractor Pulsar 7/10

Jumbo Patch Autos

For the first time, there is a parallel to the normal box hit patch cards, and these have turned out to be some of the best cards in the product. It used to be that the one inch by one inch swatch was the only design, but the inclusion of the jumbos adds a lot to the chase.

2013 Finest Cordarrelle Patterson Jumbo Patch Auto /10

2013 Finest Eddy Lacy Jumbo Patch Auto /10

Low Numbered RCs

These are where finest shines, as the different colored refractors look great this year. The design for the base cards lends itself very well to the parallel structure, and I think that the addition of some new parallels has done a lot to provide the extra value this type of product needs per box.

2013 Finest Landry Jones Red Refractor RC

With flagship coming out next week, Finest wont have as much time in the spotlight as it usually does. Its unfortunate, as I really believe this is one of the stronger versions of Finest I have seen for a while.

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