2013 Five Star Continues the Tradition With an Awesome Fresh Look

Every year, I have two favorite sets that never seem to disappoint. The first is Topps Chrome, which never seems to go out of style, and the second is Topps Five Star. They are about as different as they could be, but they represent simplicity and appreciation for top quality design and autograph content.

This year, I was warned ahead of time that Five Star wouldn’t be going in the same direction it was previously, opting for more of a modern take on the design, rather than the same ornate borders and foil stamping. I think the results speak for themselves, and I am looking forward to another STRONG year from what has become the hobby’s most beautiful example of what high end is capable of.

Rookie Auto Patches

This is the part of the set that drives the product, and Topps has always made it a point to highlight the autograph as much as anything on the card. The swooping lines and large player photos bring a futuristic feel to the cards, while still keeping them quite high end in appearance. I love this design, and think its going to look great when its all said and done.

Last Year:

2012 Five Star Rookie Patch Auto Design

2012 Five Star Rookie Auto Patch Design

This Year:

Picture 5

Rookie Jumbo Patch Autos

These were my favorite cards of the product last year, and I think they have gotten that much better. I think the cards look better with the jumbo patch, as the rectangular vertical presentation looks incredible. This is wholly different than it was in the previous iteration of this style of card, but still looks absolutely stunning.

Last Year:

2012 Five Star Rookie Jumbo Auto Patch Design

2012 Five Star Rookie Jumbo Patch Auto Design

This Year:

Picture 4

Veteran Patch Autos

I hunted down Peterson’s auto patch from last year’s five star like a rabid dog, and it looks like I am going to have my work cut out for me again. These cards look better than last year’s simple but well designed versions, focusing more on the action and the signature than before. I think that these are some of the best of the preview and cant wait to see them.

Last Year:

2012 Five Star Veteran Patch Auto Design

This Year:

Picture 7

Base Autos

I love the base autographs each year, because I think they present an affordable way for each collector to be able to get a hard signed autograph from their favorite player. These look very similar to 2011 with a different color scheme, which is fine. 2011 was a great year as well, and I have no problem with an update.

Last Year:

2012 Five Star Base Auto Design

This Year:

Picture 6

Booklet Cards

I think that these cards are the most drastic change over the previous year, and I like them the best. The different viewpoints within the card’s design work extremely well, and take some of the played out work from the previous three years out of the equation. Really nice.

Last Year:

2012 Five Star Booklet Auto Patch Design

This year:

Picture 1

Other cards to check out:

Picture 2

Picture 3

Im sure there will be TONS of surprises in store for Five Star when it eventually hits shelves, but I will be counting the days until release none-the-less. Each year Topps continues to raise the already high bar for Five Star, and it is a sure accomplishment to continue to keep it fresh. Bravo, bravo indeed.