2013 Five Star Inscriptions Lead the Hit Parade

Without question, my favorite cards of the year are the Five Star inscription autographs. Because autograph content is all but assumed in every single product, its special when there is more than just a signature in a certain set. Add in that these inscriptions are all hard signed, and its clear why these are so amazing.

Year after year, these cards are absolutely stunning examples of how incredible autograph content can be, and I am so glad that Topps has made a commitment to them in this set. Back in the beginning of the year, Topps also found out that these types of cards can be effective in other sets like Inception. Those results were similarly as impressive.

Here are some of my favorites from Five Star so far:

2014 Topps FIve Star Peyton Manning Auto Inscription

2014 Topps FIve Star EJ Manuel Auto Inscription

2014 Topps FIve Star Eddie Lacy Auto Inscription

2014 Topps FIve Star Eli Manning Auto Inscription

2014 Topps FIve Star Mike Glennon Auto Inscription

2014 Topps FIve Star Geno Smith Auto Inscription

I have said on a number of occasions that we need to support Five Star more than we do, but the inscription cards are the one part of the product that never needs any help. Player collectors go nuts over trying to collect the different inscriptions, which all focus on the nicknames, team slogans, or other phrases they choose.

Back in 2010, Adrian Peterson had an inscription in Five Star, and it is my favorite card in my personal collection by a mile. Kind of shocking considering I own 3 NFL logo auto 1/1s. I like the inscription more because it is just that much nicer than any other Adrian Peterson card out there. That says a lot about these cards and how well done they are.

Even though the 2013 rookie class is terrible this year, these inscription cards still command some serious value. I am on the chase for Patterson, but because so little of this product is being opened, it may be quite a while. That’s okay though, im patient.

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