2013 Inception Logos Are Worth the Chase

I think that there are more than a few reasons why I love Inception so much this year. The 1/1 cards continue to impress, including the Inscription 1/1s that I talked about yesterday. Because of limitations on availability of the new Nike jerseys at last year’s rookie premiere, there werent as many of the new logos in the 2012 products. This is really the first Topps products laden with these relics, and they have turned out awesome.

NFL Logo Shield 1/1

Although there were some redemptions for the shield cards in 2012 platinum, these are much more available and there is no wait for them. The cards look very well done, and though I dont like the plastic shields that Nike chose as much as the stitched ones from Reebok, they are still a chase. Im interested to see how these are used over the next few years, as the flywire collars continue to be something collectors want to see.

2013 Inception Cordarrelle Patterson NFL Logo 1/1

2013 Inception Le'Veon Bell NFL Logo 1/1

Nike Logo Jumbo Patch 1/1

Five Star had a few of these in 2012, but these are the first cards from Topps with a full nike logo. The Swoosh is one of the most iconic logos in the world and collectors are definitely chasing these cards like rabid hounds. These types of swatches should become more and more available as the year moves forward, and they look SOOOO much better than the ones we got from Reebok over the last 10 years.

2013 Inception Geno Smith Nike Logo Jumbo Patch 1/1

2013 Inception Manti Teo Nike Logo Jumbo Patch 1/1

Nike Logo Patch Auto 1/1

These cards are the rare parallels of the base jumbo patch autos from Inception, and they are definitely a card that player and team collectors should go for in their personal collections. I love the way the a jumbo rectangular swatch can showcase everything, and still have room for an auto and a large player picture. Panini has started using these types of configurations too, but Topps has mastered it over the last few years. Inception does a great job with them.

2013 Inception Robert Woods Nike Logo Auto 1/1

Team Logo 1/1 and Logo Auto 1/1

The chest logos are usually the best in sports. I have said on numerous occasions that NFL word logos are the best looking around, and Topps has made good use of them in this set. This parallel has been used well in all three Inception sets and I was glad to see them back for 2013. I wish there were more cards out there that focused SOLELY on these swatches, especially with Veterans. One can only hope.

2013 Inception Denard Robinson Team Logo Jumbo Patch 1/1

2013 Inception Dion Jordan Team Logo Auto 1/1

As the NSCC in Chicago this week gives more opportunities to break massive amounts of boxes, we will definitely see more of the big hits start to pop up. I cant wait to see what they go for.

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