2013 Museum Collection Football Adds to Topps’ Impressive High End Portfolio

Everyone who is a long time reader of this blog knows that I dont consider myself a card collector. Sure, I have lots of cards in my collection, but the super majority of them are autographs. When a product is previewed that features more opportunity to add to my collection, I freak out with joy. Museum Collection football, if its anything like its baseball counterpart, it will be one of those products.

Check these out:

2013 Museum Collection Mike Trout Auto

2012 Museum Collection Josh Hamilton Jumbo Patch Auto

2012 Museum Collection Justin Verlander Dual Patch Auto

2013 Museum Collection Prince Fielder Auto Quad Relic Booklet

When Topps released 2012 Museum Collection baseball, I gravitated towards the product more than I ever had done with a high end product of that nature. The cards were incredibly designed, and featured some amazing looking patches along the way. 2013 wasnt too shabby either, bringing back popular elements of the previous year. When you combine those two elements with on card programs within a set, you have my seal of approval.

2013 Museum Football should work VERY well in the new arena, as it lends itself much more easily to the NFL than it ever did in baseball. Not only are the on card non-rookie autographs that much more special, but the design looks to be on the same level as Five Star has been over the last few years. That is a very good thing.

My favorite part of this whole preview is that the metal frame cards are going to be included in this set. They were such an awesome part of what made the baseball version great, and they will look gorgeous in the newer football set too. These cards weigh a ton, and cant be cheap to make, but man do they set themselves apart from other high end cards.

I wondered how long it would take for a set like this to be created, as right now, Five Star is the ONLY product of the year that features 100% hard signed signatures. National Treasures only has two minor subsets, and other than that, there is nothing for non-rookies. With Museum Collection, we are getting two large hard signed programs within a big and beautiful set, and I have no qualms about saying this product should do quite well, even with a large price tag.

We still havent seen previews for sets like Supreme or some of the other big products of the year, but I am still confident that Topps is finally making the push for acquiring more autographs on card, rather than sticker. BRAVO. *slow clap*

One thought on “2013 Museum Collection Football Adds to Topps’ Impressive High End Portfolio

  1. Oh, Topps… making early season products with better on-card content than the flagship brand of competitors that releases months after the season is over. Go home, Topps! You’re drunk!

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