2013 NFL Playoffs – Division Round Winners and Losers

The AFC and NFC championship games are set, and from all accounts look to be the best overall field for these games that I have seen in years. The divisional round games were all pretty interesting to watch, and by every account were good for the hobby. The superstars that we have invested in through 2012 are making strides, and we should have a Super Bowl of epic hobby proportions regardless of who wins both games. THAT IS A VERY GOOD THING. Here are the winners and losers of the weekend.

Colin Kaepernick – WINNER

As mentioned above, im not as big on Kaepernick as some other people are, but he played a mistake free game. When you have a lockdown defense, that basically means you won. Kaepernick’s speed will continue to be an asset as long as he is a QB, but if the defense goes south, so will his potential. Kaepernick has gotten some increase over 2013 as the Niners have played well, and I am guessing that will continue. He hasn’t quite reached 2012 prices, but he could get there if they win next week. It will all depend on how he plays – not good or bad, but if he makes mistakes that hurt the defense’s ability to play normal field position.

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Russell Wilson – PUSH

If there is one guy who is smart enough to play on Manning’s level eventually, its Wilson. However, he doesn’t have the raw skills to be like him. Yesterday’s game was less than mediocre at best, as the running game took center stage against a defense that was top 10 all year. Wilson has tapered off this post season, and I would guess that without a crazy aggressive defense, he would be sitting at home come next week instead of playing for a super bowl. Like Kaep, his hobby value is dependent on his team’s success more than anything at this point. Super Bowl or bust.

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Keenan Allen – WINNER

Even though the Chargers couldn’t compete with one of the most ridiculous NFL teams ever assembled, Keenan Allen showed exactly why he is one of the top rookies of the year without question. San Diego couldn’t get things going on offense until Rivers remembered that Allen was on his team, leading to a 2 TD performance with over 100 yards. Allen is still ridiculously undervalued because of the position he plays, which is REALLY unfortunate.

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Drew Brees – LOSER

A loss this past weekend only reinforces people’s assumption that he is overrated. Although I completely disagree with those people, this game didn’t do him any favor. Brees is already the most crazy undervalued guy in the hobby, and I am continually shocked by how low his cards are. Had he won this game, I don’t think his value would have been affected. Because he lost, I am seeing people drop off the bandwagon.

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Antonio Gates / Jimmy Graham / Vernon Davis – LOSER(S)

Three of the best TEs in the league were basically shut out of the games this weekend, which showcases that it is more about the QBs than ever before. Gates and Graham were on losing teams, and it can be said that their absence from the stat sheet played a big part. TEs are already the lowest valued skill position available, and if anything that gap is growing. This was not a good weekend in that respect.

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Legarrette Blount – WINNER

I wouldn’t buy his cards for any reason, but that never stopped anyone. Huge game, huge win, the guy cleaned up. Here is the thing that needs to be considered – RBs in New England should never be targets for investments…..EVER. Blount will be a FA this year, which will only make the value situation worse, as every NFL team should opt to build the position through the draft. He will end up being a rotational starter somewhere, but is that really worth dropping 100 bucks? Not to me. He is still the big winner of yesterday.

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Tom Brady / Peyton Manning – WINNERS EMERITUS

You can hate them all you want, but the fact of the matter is that these guys are some of, if not the best, QBs of our generation. Sure, Manning has played with HOFers his whole career, but it wont matter in the long run. I expect the Broncos to beat the Pats, and its going to be interesting to see how they matchup against a defense from the NFC title game. These guys are your MVPs for the playoffs so far, and it should become more evident as the weeks move on.

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