2013 NFL Playoffs – Wild Card Winners and Losers

The playoffs are an odd time for Football collectors, as there are thousands of hobby eyes on a few select players, all with the hopes of winning the big game. Because the playoffs are a series of only a few games, values can go up and down fast enough to make your head spin. Here are some of the winners and losers for Wild Card Weekend.

Andrew Luck – WINNER

I don’t think I have ever been in shock the way I was during the fourth quarter of the Colts’ victory on Sunday. Living up to much of his hype, Andrew Luck continues his ridiculous string of comeback wins, setting in motion his first playoff win. He has a legitimate shot at beating New England next week, as the Patriots team seems to be put together with gum and shoelaces. For most of the season, Luck’s cards have already reached insane prices, but nothing like they will in the next few weeks. It might be wise to get in before next week, especially if a Super Bowl berth is on the line.

Check these out:

2012 National Treasures Andrew Luck Auto Patch RC /49 – Never seen a rookie go for this much in years.

2012 Contenders Andrew Luck Ticket Auto RC

2012 Topps Strata Andrew Luck Auto Patch RC

Colin Kaepernick – WINNER

After the 2012 season, and the loss to Baltimore in the Super Bowl, Kaep’s cards got a bit soft. Now that he is back in elite mode, his cards have rebounded significantly, with a good chance at getting back to the NFC championship game. He was back to his old smash and dash self last night, with a great game running against a weak Packers defensive attack. I haven’t been the biggest fan of his work in 2013, but he looked very good for the first time in a while.

Here is what I mean:

2011 Topps Chrome Colin Kaepernick Auto Black Refractor RC

2011 National Treasures Colin Kaepernick Auto Patch /49

Andy Dalton – LOSER

What a tough loss all things considered. Dalton has a great year with a great team that hadn’t lost at home, and then goes out and lays an egg in front of the nation. Although the loss wasn’t all on him, the Bengals would be in a different place right now without his 3 turnovers. Dalton has never really enjoyed elite status in the hobby because his supporting cast always seemed to be on a higher level than he was. I think that he is going to feel the wrath until he can prove that his regular season self is different from his post season self.

Not a good day for Dalton cards, which have been up this year:

2011 National Treasures Andy Dalton Auto Patch BGS 9.5

2011 Topps Chrome Andy Dalton Auto Variation BGS 9.5

Eddie Lacy – PUSH

I would have listed him as a weekend loser, except for the fact that no one on the Packers really played ALL that well. 2013 wax NEEDED a big game from Lacy and he really didn’t play all that well. The problem is that there is really no one else in play that can support any of the class this year, so collectors really aren’t going to drop his value because of this game. He could have had a touchdown in the second half, but the Pack handed it to Kuhn for some stupid reason. Alas, it doesn’t look like this is the year of the rookie much like it was in 2012. Im also calling this a push as he will likely be the second rookie named to the Pro Bowl once the players start declining invitations.

Here are some recent ones:

2013 Topps Chrome Eddie Lacy Prism Refractor Auto RC /15

2013 Contenders Eddie Lacy Auto Ticket RC

Nick Foles – LOSER

Seeing Nick Foles in the playoffs was a great thing for the hobby. Even though 2012 cards are on a plane of existence reserved for 1984 and 2004 rookie classes, this game meant a lot for solidifying his place among the 2012 big boys. Instead the Eagles couldn’t get it done, and Foles improbable run was over. Im labeling him a loser because of the potential freak out that we missed, rather than the punishment from collectors he will get.

His cards are still riding the playoff wave for now:

2012 Topps Chrome Nick Foles Camo Refractor Auto /105

2012 Exquisite Nick Foles Auto Patch 3 Color

TY Hilton – WINNER

To think that Hilton was as cheap as he was prior to the game, as he has enormous potential to be a top WR. After one of the best playoff performances by a WR in years, Colts collectors should be all over him. Reggie Wayne may have been the guy prior to 2013, but Hilton is the future. The challenge with value for guys like this will continue, so don’t go nuts, but he is definitely worth a shot.

Here are his best:

2012 Topps Chrome TY Hilton Auto Refractor

2012 Topps Five Star TY Hilton Auto Holofoil /25

Next week we really get down into the weeds with Russell Wilson and company joining the fray. I would expect another huge performance from Luck and Kaepernick, but it will all come down to defense.

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  1. What about Ingram?/…..Think he had a great game considering all things before this game……….If he as another at Seattle, would you buy in?

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