2013 NFL Rookie Premiere List of Attendees – Manti Te’o Noticeably Absent?

Ladies and Gentlemen, here it is – the people who will be making and breaking your boxes of 2013 Football cards. Normally this isnt released for another couple of weeks, but a website offering bids on the experience of going has posted a preliminary list. On it are the names everyone expected to be listed, but there are a list of surprises indeed. Again, this website is not affiliated with Topps, Panini or the NFLPA from what I can tell, but the list looks formatted the way the press release usually is done. Im guessing there are a few guys that were determined to be going as long as they were drafted, and any other additions and subtractions will be made before the final list is approved by both of the card companies. There are less than 35 players on this list, so its possible that guys like Gavin Escobar and Terrance Williams of the Cowboys and Zack Ertz from the Eagles should end up going too.

My biggest problem on this list is two – the absence of Manti Teo and the presence of a guy like Tyler Bray. Te’o has a valuable autograph due to his national attention, and should have been included in this year’s premiere. Being that Bray went undrafted, I would be shocked if he goes once the final list is released. However, if he does end up going, it will only be further testament to the weak 2013 class. Bray doesnt sell all that badly, but undrafted players rarely attend.

This new structure has been in place for a few years now. There is a big focus placed on skill players – especially QBs, and defense and non-skill players are no longer present. This is a VERY good thing, because you avoid situations like this and of course, like this. No one wants a box hit to be a defensive tackle that is taking the spot of a running back that could actually see playing time. Alfred Morris was left off the list last year, which is likely because he was drafted so late. Even though Topps was able to get relic content into later products in the year, I doubt the companies let this happen again.

All I have to say to everyone out there: Brace yourselves.

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7 thoughts on “2013 NFL Rookie Premiere List of Attendees – Manti Te’o Noticeably Absent?

  1. While I agree that I’d rather have some big hits with some potential, I’m also a Steelers fan first. That list sucks if its the final list. Every player from the first round should be in there. Jarvis Jones and other possible impact potential players should be included. Why should I buy boxes if my team has little to no representation???

  2. Wow who do you pull to cover a box price. Really if you pull the best player you lost money.

  3. Yea, that’s a pretty sad list at this point. Must be rough for the card companies. I think Geno and EJ will start sooner than later, but I’ll be curious to see where the production comes from on this list once the season starts. Certainly not much hype to be had here. They could do me a favor and add Denard Robinson. Otherwise, can’t say anyone here interests me.

    In such a down year it would make sense to me to include the top pass-rushers: Ziggy Ansah and Dion Jordan. And why not include Manti?

  4. There is no way this list is final
    a free agent has never been invited to a rookie premiere
    thats as valuable as an OT drafted in the 1st round.
    but i am sure Teo will be there as well as some defensive players
    Hopefully Ziggy Ansah, because a lot of popular defensive players do sell for a lot for example: Ndamukong Suh.
    I feel like the list you have is more of a prediction than an official list

  5. Where the heck is Aaron Dobson? or Josh Boyce?……………….Seriously the Pats rookies never get any love from the NFLPA or Card Companies.

    WTF are they thinking putting Bray up there and NO Lattimore or Te’o…..baffling…..

    I wouldn’t tough the 2013 products with a 10-foot pole…………..let alone pay for them……I’ll get the singles I want online and buy 2012 wax for my fix

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