2013 Panini Black Friday Cards Are Starting to Surface

I was a fan of the Black Friday promotion when it was first done a few years ago, and I have been happy to see it grow over the recent seasons. Although it usually forces us to buy most of the junk products that are floundering on the market, it is definitely nice to get some extra cards for doing so. Even the packs tend to sell VERY well unopened. If you have been reading this site, I have always loved giveaways, and this year will be no exception.

Here are some of the cards already:

2013 Panini Black Friday Kobe Bryant Game Used Basketball Jumbo

2013 Panini Black Friday NBA Finals Chris Bosh Patch Cracked Ice Auto

2013 Panini Black Friday Ray Rice Super Bowl Jersey Relic

2013 Panini Black Friday Yasiel Puig RC

2013 Panini Black Friday Geno Smith Breast Cancer Awareness Month Patch

The best part about this whole transformation is that Panini is working to create extra original content for Black Friday's set, which only makes the giveaway exponentially more attractive to player and team collectors. Even if that content isnt exactly appealing, its a reason to want to participate. I am a big fan of many cards that have graced the product over the years, but others (like this event used towel card?!?) are relatively laughable.

For 2013, Panini is adding more memorabilia content and autographs, including adding swatches to some of the rookie cards. I am not someone that thinks these types of additions are necessary, although it does add value for the people that still collect event used material. Seeing that the infamous Santa Hat relic cards are also involved for the second year in a row, makes me cringe, as I cannot see what makes these worth buying. Why would anyone want a player worn Santa hat? Just doesnt resonate with me.

The best part of the Black Friday set continues to be the Super Bowl relic cards, which are back again as well. Although it remains to be seen if there are pylon cards included, the design continues to be great. If my team ever made it to Super Bowl (and its doubtful they will in my lifetime), I would be all over as many of these as possible. Even more if they won. These were great cards in 2012 and 2011, and I see them being popular again this year.

Panini has the list of shops participating in the promotion on their site, I would go check it out to find a store near you. They usually offer some sort of participation on their iCollectPanini.com storefront as well, and many group breakers will likely get their hands on a few as well.

Now if we could only make the products better too…

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