2013 Panini Momentum Football: Consider Me Among the Fans

Back in 2012, Panini added quite a few new products the their calendar, many of which were some of the worst ideas I have ever seen. Momentum was definitely one of that bunch, with a design that made Triple Threads look good. Not only was it boring and unoriginal, it was crazy expensive for what you got out of the box. Where Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin were selling like hotcakes elsewhere, they were luke warm at best in the new staple of Panini sets. It was awful.

Here are some examples:

2012 Momentum Andrew Luck Triple Jersey Auto

2012 Momentum Robert Griffin III Triple Jersey Auto

2012 Momentum Tim Tebow Auto Inscription

2012 Momentum Tony Dorsett Triple Patch Auto

This year, 2013 Momentum has gotten a complete facelift, and for the most part is a HUGE improvement. Not only has the original concept been relatively scratched for a new feel, it looks really good. Although the foil doesnt help it at all, at least the design is well done and the focus on each card is where it needs to be.

My favorite cards in the preview are the jumbo patch rookie autos, that look eerily similar to the look used in 2012 National Treasures. The only funny thing is that I have to say 2013 Momentum does it that much better. I think the larger size player picture, and large space for a signature looks so much better than the trapped player we saw for the most valuable cards of 2012. Honestly, i would much rather take this stuff.

Now, its still not clear if the Shield cut out style is only for the 1/1 parallel (which would suck), or if it is its own subset (which would rock) in the same way it is for Topps Platinum. Its rare that a jumbo patch on a vertical card looks good, but this would be a rare exception.

As for the triple swatch autos that I expect to be the box hits in this product, the design is really nice. The issue I have is that the foil embellishments are so prominent that it takes away from the aesthetics. Who knows, maybe this proof will turn into something nice. I hope that is the case, because I thought the sell sheet looked REALLY good.

Regardless of this preview, I am completely shocked how much better 2013 Momentum is over 2012. Its like its a completely different product, which says something about how much of an improvement it is.

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