2013 Score Retail is LIVE!

Although the release of 2013 Score Football was delayed at least a week, someone has managed to get their hands on some of the retail cards, which means that we are on the verge of seeing the cards live. Although I appreciate the “need” for a super low end product, have we reached a point where a product like Score still needs to exist?

Here is what is up so far:

2013 Score Marcus Lattimore Hot Rookies RC

2013 Score Manti Te’o 1989 Retro RC

2013 Score Tavon Austin 1989 Retro RC – Blue Parallel

2013 Score Leon Sandcastle 1989 RC

First off, we know that the 1989 Score Football design is the most iconic that ever was. In fact, its so Iconic that Panini has already reprinted this design a few times with new players. I am not someone that liked the design originally because the shots werent in game, but I know I am probably in the minority. I wish that Panini would make the decision to switch to game shots, as these close up head shots really dont do it for me. Lets face it, there are some ugly guys in the NFL.

As for the Hot Rookies – which are the cards that everyone at Panini seems to have a hard on for – I literally cannot stand the design. Not only is the photoshop work questionable, but the bright orange tequila sunrise with HUGE text is awful. From the previews – the autos are even worse – as Panini decided a big ORANGE box was necessary to provide a space for the signature against the busy and ugly backdrop.


There is one part about this set I appreciate, and that is the game photos they used for the veteran base cards. Photography seems to be a great strength of this set, which I love, but that is like saying the racing stripes are the reason someone buys a Camaro. There needs to be substance behind the curtain, and I just dont see anything worth chasing in these boxes. If these dont end up at 25% of cost by the end of the season, I will be utterly shocked. I think I saw the last run of Score being given away at my local shop for next to nothing.

Bottom line, It seems as though Score ONLY exists to capitalize on a market left barren by the shift of Prestige until after the rookie premiere. I get that Panini wants to have a low end product to offer, but man, kids are not THAT important. At least give them something worth collecting.

More on this as it is available.

2 thoughts on “2013 Score Retail is LIVE!

  1. LONG LIVE SCORE FOOTBALL!!!!!!! I wish they had more vets and no horizontal cards and now appears to have foil. No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It appears to be disappointing but still the closet to collecting cards like from 30-40 years ago.

  2. That Leon Sandcastle card went for $102.50?!

    I get that it is a novelty card and all, but it is only going to lose value over time. I would rather put that money toward an actual player who has some upside.

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