2013 Select Football Chase Cards Performing Above Expectations

For Panini, wins havent come very often this year, although its pretty clear that the best should be yet to come. We have yet to see what Contenders is all about, and National Treasures will likely turn some heads much like 2012. Select hasnt exactly performed up to those levels, but certain cards have done very well. So well it shocked me to see what they are going for. Because so few boxes are being opened, the rarer hits continue to bring a premium.

Gold Refractors /10 – Veterans

These were incredibly popular in Prizm, and it shouldnt come as a shock that they are selling well in a much nicer Select format. The veterans are bringing some nice value considering they are just a parallel, and the more popular guys can even eclipse some of the rookies. Although the veteran autograph content is minimal in Select, these should get player collectors going.

2013 Panini Select Jerome Bettis Gold Refractor /10

2013 Panini Select Jimmy Graham Gold Refractor /10

Gold Refractors /10 – Rookies and Rookie Autos

Some of the rookie autos are on a checklist that includes many players who dont have much content the rest of the year. Guys like Zac Stacy, a potential ROY candidate, and Kenbrell Thompkins have their most high end autos to date, which can bring some serious asking prices for team and player collectors looking to add them to their PC.

2013 Panini Select Eddie Lacy Gold Refractor /10

2013 Panini Select Terrance Williams Gold Refractor /10

2013 Panini Select Landry Jones Gold Refractor Patch Auto /10

Gold Refractor Patch Autos – Rookies

These are the nicest cards in the set, hands down. Its not even a competition, especially with many of the cards coming with logo patches for this subset. As mentioned above, supply is going to be short, and demand could be higher than we have ever seen for a 2013 Panini card, and the prices are reflecting that scenario.

2013 Panini Select Cordarrelle Patterson Gold Refractor Patch Auto /10

2013 Panini Select Andre Ellington Gold Refractor Patch Auto /10

2013 Panini Select Denard Robinson Gold Refractor Patch Auto /10

Black Refractors and Auto 1/1s

I cant even put into words how happy I am that they didnt use the stupid diamond design for these cards. Although they arent as separated out as they are in Prizm, they look a million times better. There are black parallels for most of the cards, and set collectors have been battling with others to lock down the bigger names. Basketball collectors are also getting into the mix some, which only adds to the appeal.

2013 Panini Select Ace Sanders 1/1 Auto RC – Whoa.

2013 Panini Select Troy Polamalu 1/1 Base

2013 Panini Select Datone Jones 1/1 Auto RC

Im interested to see how the other Panini sets still to come will compare, but I have been pleasantly surprised with the chase hits from Select. Really too bad all of them are stickers, because they would have gone for a ton if they were on card.

One thought on “2013 Select Football Chase Cards Performing Above Expectations

  1. I’m over the whole “Event Worn” thing and really think that collectors are A) ignrornt or B) just plain dumb when they get all excited over a SICK MOJOZZZZ!!!111 patch that basically came off of jersey from Dick’s Sporting Goods.

    On the other hand, the Game Worn Nike Swooshes are awesome. I just picked up a Haloti Ngata from Absolute and it states “game worn” on the back. That is awesome.

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