2013 SP Authentic is Live!

Back in the day, SP Authentic was the highest end you could get. The auto patch rookie cards commanded some insane prices, and they always were in demand. The brand recognition has carried over to Upper Deck’s NCAA releases, but they have lost a part of that appeal. 2012 was great year for the brand with some great designs, and 2013 looks to have continued that.

Here are some of the cards so far:

2013 SP Authentic Mike Glennon Rookie Patch Auto 3 Color

2013 SP Authentic Eddie Lacy Rookie Patch Auto

2013 SP Authentic EJ Manuel Jumbo Rookie Patch Auto 1/5

Its pretty clear that the 2013 patch design is a play on the design from 2009. Naturally, the 2009 design was one of my favorites, so im cool with biting off a piece of that success for this year. My main issue CONTINUES to be the silk screened patches that are obviously from cheap knockoffs. I would hope that some point in the future we could get back to the quality of event used we used to have. Funny I have to put it that way.

As for the other autographs, the signed acetate present on the jumbo patch autos is a really cool idea, as I think it does SO MUCH more than just having the players sign the pieces of fabric. It prevents fading and prevents all sorts of other issues.

Im not as big a fan of some of the base autos, but those are never a focus of the set. Regardless, some of the cards are so hideous that they might challenge Panini for some of their crown. I don’t know what it will take for card companies to understand a defined white area for sigs is not necessary. Just ghost it out!

Overall, SP Authentic still relies on the 2013 rookie class to sell, and for the most part it’s a formula that comes with a price. At least the cards look pretty good in the long run.

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